Saturday, December 06, 2008

Catching Up

Working on her milestone page from last month, but here's a peek at her Thanksgiving 2 page spread for her 1st year book on Shutterfly. I'm so excited for this book to be finished, but can't ever imagine her turning one so I feel like it'll never be completed.

I found these pages in my drafts that I never posted from her July and August milestone pages...

8 month pictures coming is she growing up so fast!?? Everyone says it gets better, but I think they're lying like Pinocchio because it can't get any better. I'm loving every minute and learning more about her everyday as she explores the world around her.

Life is good!


TRB Holt said...

Okay, I took peak at Kelle with an “E”’s blog so I felt compelled to check out Kelly with a “Y”. You gals are killing me, I can’t look at Bug’s Blog without tearing up AND now I find myself smiling with glistening eyes as I read K & K’s blogs…..such beautiful families, always treasure them.

Bug’s Gram

Steph C said...

Your pages are FABULOUS! xoxo

jennygirl said...

I love the milestones...they are SO SPECIFIC, and unique to just her.

Your pages are GORGEOUS!!!!
Love you three so much!!
xoxo jc

Heidi said...

these pages are sooooooo special kelly. i love how you include the details the way you do. she will love these keepsake books soooooo much when she is older. what a gift!

the pic of her with the red/white polka-dot hat...breathtaking!!!!

dig this chick said...

Hey! That's my mom up there.

Your girl. Love your scrap book pages. She'll be one before you can even absorb her being seven months.

Looks like we might meet each other? Is this a fantasty-wouldn't-it-be-nice-if or is it for real? I think it'd be a blast.

Kelly said...

Bug, it's for real! It's going to happen! Please bring your gummy bracelet shower curtain and dooly bobber towels!

Most importantly, bring Bug! I can't wait to hug her!!

Heidi said...

kell-you and allison kinda look like sisters!!!