Thursday, June 05, 2008


Look how Kelle captured Lily today!!





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Unknown said...

ADORABLE pics...LL & LG are PRECIOUS! Love these! :o)

Heidi said...

Watching Kelle take these pics, I knew they they would be SUPER sweet, but HELLO-these pictures capture her perfectly. I LOVE the baseball cap, and the little expression to go with it is PRICELESS. Like, "Yeah, I know I look pretty spiffy in my new hat. And yes, my daddy LOVES it too!" She is such a precious little thing and Lainey too! Bestest Buddies they will be.

Tisha said...

wow in that bottom pic i think lily looks just like her daddy! is it weird that i'm saying that and i've never met any of the 3 of you? lol, oh well.

Kelle said...

Oh, 'dat my widdle babies! Both of them! (please...just check the birth certif. once more...ya sure I'm not on there? Nowhere?) The second to the last one is my fave. Her eyes are the most capturing little things ever. And the shape of them is just so beautiful...and I can tell they are going to be as blue as the deep blue sea...the kind of blue that will grab you...the kind that will sparkle. Just like her. She my widdle sparkler and I can't wait to get my hands on her again! 143~

Jennifer said...


Just sitting here, in a Wi-Fi enabled McDonald's in the middle of BFE.....drinking her in. I miss her.

Can't wait to get back to civilization...and back to that little cutie. She has CHANGED so much!!!

Love you!! xoxo

Julie Frizzi said...

You just made me cry....

carie said...


Anonymous said...

And she was so good for "Uncle Poppa" who was overjoyed to hold her so her daddy could eat last night. She is a bundle of delight!