Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bumbo Baby

This bumbo chair is magical!! Sitting in this chair helps build her neck muscles, she looks adorable in it and it's great for taking pictures! I could just eat her she's so cute!!

Such a love!!

I love this mermaid outfit! I called her Daryl Hannah from Splash all day.



Heidi said...

HAHA I LOVE that outfit...I love that you called her a mermaid!!! So sweet. Peyton is OBSESSED with mermaids right now, so it is cute that you called her that because she is also obsessed with Lily:)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this page! It is Beautiful!!! Is that a transparency on the top??? I need to have that one...she is beautiful. xoxo

Jessica said...

Loving your new blog header! I need to make a new one too! :) So cute!

Love the bumbo picture! I can't wait to put Chase in his! Lily is so beautiful.

Oh and did I tell you how jealous I am of Lily's sleep habits!? That is AMAZING! I could only wish Chase would sleep that well... You lucky duck you!!

Are you having fun with your new camera?! You need to join that photog board with me!

Kelle said...

Okay, I so wanna eat those footies. Yumsville. I love her head. And her eyes. Hi Lily!!! xoxo

Jennifer said...

She has the most perfectly shaped head. Gorgeous eyes. Love her skin. And the sweetest little heart. A happy heart.

I love her so much!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG She is so cute, sweet, good, and just perfect! I love spending time with her and miss her when I leave her. xoxoxo

Tisha said...

she looks like the american girl doll bitty baby! I love her toes in this pic - so tiny, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Gwen Loves Lily in her mermaid dress!! Now they're both princess-barbie-mermaids lol!! Sooo sweet!
Love Donna