Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's Eat

Two chores I absolutely, strongly, utterly dislike (don't like the "h" word that rhymes with late) are grocery shopping and mopping! There's no correlation, but I don't like either very much at all It's more thinking about doing it that bothers me more than the act of doing it. After I do either, I always say "that wasn't so bad" and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

To help with my mopping, I bought this which I love!

To help with the grocery shopping, I made an excel spreadsheet of our staple items organizing it by aisle number. (pause for gasp from audience) Call it OCD, but I love it!!

Another way to speed up grocery shopping is by doing "Let's Eat" that my friend Allison told me about. (pause for audience clap for Alli) where you go and prepare fresh meals in advance, bring them home and freeze, pulling out as needed. It's healthy and DELICIOUS food. We did it before Lily was born, but they prepared it for me complimentary being that I was a new mom. So this time around I thought I'd save the $20 assembly charge and do it myself...with some girlfriends and some gigles. I prepared SIXTEEN meals for D & I in 3 hours!! I would've been faster, but was distracted by all the jibber-jabbing I couldn't stop doing! It was so productive and fun! I've never enjoyed cooking this much!!

If you have one in your area, I STRONGLY recommend you give it a try with some girlfriends and some wine (or mich ultra with a lime in a frosty mug-lol)

Watch out Rachel Ray!!

Even Jen's kids kids gobbled up the Mahi-Mahi last night!! It's kid friendly too!

Say hello to Donna who reads my blog daily, but never comments! I've begged her to for weeks to no avail! No more lurking Donna girl! You've been outed!! Comment away!! (audience applause for Donna)


Theresa is about to have a baby and looks oh so cute!!

Lots of laughs! Good energy in the kitchen!!

Jen making pesto!!


Stephanie is also glowing from her pregnancy and due at the same time as Theresa! Same doctor too! Doc should deliver both on the same day for "one stop shopping". lol.

Every time I turned around there was a Let's Eat employee offering to help! They seemed to be at my station a lot! lol

Thanks Andrea for setting this up! Fun times! Give it a try and you'll spend a little less time in that mean grocery store!!

They'll even mop up after you!!!! teeehee xoxo


Rayna said...

It was so much fun! We HAVE to do it again! Didn't someone give Donna a stalker?! Gotta love her! (Donna, we want to see your blog.) Did I mention, the Dinnertime Divas are HOT!!!!

Steph C said...

That was SO fun! I haven't eaten a meal yet but can't wait to try one:) We have to do it again it was a blast!
Dinnertime Divas

jennygirl said...

I had the BEST time. We cooked the mahi dinner last night...and all four of us GOBBLED it up! It was incredible.

Thanks Andrea, for putting this together! I think it should be a monthly outing from now on!!

Taking Katie there tomorrow for a kids day cooking lesson. She is sooo excited. So am I. :)

donna said...

that was too funny! Soo much fun! I got the music uploaded but now can't get it to my blog! HELP! I am bloger intimidated!!!LOL!!!!! I want to do this again!!!! The chicken pesto was great!! Jack loved the pinenuts! funny thing... those were supposed to be blended in the sauce! warning... drinking and blending is too much fun!!!

The Brinkley's said...

YEAH!!! I am so glad you guys went in and did it! It is so much fun!!! Before my pregnancy food aversions, I was doing it monthly. Can't wait til I can get back in there. It saves so much time and it is healthy!!!


Julie Frizzi said...

What a beautiful bunch of girls!! Kel, Your mop story made me laugh!

Kelle said...

Sorry I couldn't join you girls, but I'll save it for when I feel good! Looks like you had so much fun though...and the place looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that definately sounds like more fun that grocery shopping! I'm going to check it out. Sure is a lovely group and you look great!
Donna C (since there's 2 Donna's now lol)

jen said...

that looks like so much fun!
i've been thinking of trying one that we have here in MN...but haven't...YET.
i think i may have to get a group together, though! because that looks like so much more fun with friends and wine!

samantha said...

It looked like so much fun. I have to go the next time because I need all the cooking lessons I can take! Great pictures.

Heidi said...

when we go sure H to the D is in the Hiz ouse...look like da bomb. LOL seriouly, i heard the food was soooo good!

J and K, you looked like models to the super power. WT???
Have you two started eating all organic food, drinking seaweed shakes nightly, and started doing dances under the moon to cleanse the soul? ...sumpims going on Stout Sissies and I will get to the bottom of it...LOLO HHAHA Serioulsy, you two looked really happy and healthy...and well, like super models.
love you both

Heidi said...

lookin at pics again and Rayna must be joining you guys in those midnight dances too...and stephy is glowing!!!looks like so much fun:)