Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today marks 37 weeks which in pg-cy lingo means FULL TERM BABY!! Lily can come at anytime and she's considered "full term"! Love those words! I had a dr. appt today and I'm not dilated, but my cervix is "very soft" so that means my body is getting ready to do something big. "Could be anytime" were the exact words from Dr. T! Although I'm not expecting to go in labor the next week or 2, I can just feel it around the corner! The anticipation is so exciting!! She is "head down" still so that's a great sign I'll have a normal v-delivery!! Here are some pictures of Lily still hiding in the belly, but she is growing and moving everyday!! One is blurry and one is a super funny face I was making on accident. Oops! You get the drift!!

Random picture....How in the world did Charley get in the cupboard? If our cat is doing that to our house when we turned our back for "just a minute", what will Lily do??

PS We put Charley in time out after this discovery!! teehee

D&I have been starting to feel a little stressed out with all the STUFF that is taking over our house! I can not believe how much one baby can need and we seem to have it all which is great, but it's stressful when every closet is jam packed and not any space to "grow into" if you know what I mean. We were starting to feel a little clausterphobic, but came up with this solution! We thought these needed to be professionally installed, but Colleen told us you can get them at Lowes. I love organizational tools and this one takes the cake! I could go on the road and be a sales rep for these! They are brackets you hang in your garage to store stuff and I love them so much I could put a sleeping bag up there tonight and sleep there! I feel like we can breathe again as we're cleaning out the closets of the big stuff and storing it up there until we need it. Very easily accessible too! (we have terrible attics in this house; almost unusable)

Thanks to my very own live-in professional David who installed this last weekend!! I heart you, your "handy-ness" and these hangers!! Yippee!!

Here's what Lily has been up to:


Kelle said...

OH MY WORD!!!! The next post could potentially be pictures of HER!!!! This is UNREAL!! I love her so much already!
-Catching Breath Cathy
P.S. Dat belly is beautiful! Kiss it! You're gunna CRAVE it later...gunna miss it so bad!

Carin said...

YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!! I remember loving it when I got to that point!! I can't wait to see all the upcoming pics! Do you have a new blog name ready?

carie said...

Unbelievable! Full-term! I love the way you don't rush a minute and always live in the "now"! As an organizational fanatic...I have to know more about the hang up things!

Jessica said...

We have those same garage overhead organizers!! :) Great idea!

Tisha said...

Congratulations Baby Lily on growing so big! For someone so small they sure DO need alot of goodies!

I noticed that you have the bottles in the cupboard. Just in case you need to supplement right away (I had to) it might be an idea to have a few bottles cleaned and ready for when you get home.

Those garage shelves are awesome!

Katie said...

Hey!!!! I saw your doc last night and told him I'm anxious for your arrival to the hospital and would he PLEASE schedule your induction. :) He said he would get right on that! I can't wait. Do you believe that it's almost here? I remember sitting at BBG while Kelle was Breast feeding while drinking a mich ultra and talking about this day. You did it!!! God has been smiling on you and Lily from day one! Luv ya, Katie