Saturday, March 08, 2008

9 Months!!

9 MONTHS!! Woah, that sounds so


Whenever I tell people how far along I am, they go into a brief panic mode like they want to rush me to the labor room immediately! It's so funny!!

I have a dr. appt on Wednesday and will go weekly after that. I'm excited about going to see if there's been any progress and what the game plan will be. Not that he knows because it's really up to Lily, but it's just fun to talk about with him. Also, I'm anxious to hear her heartbeat again. I had to return the doppler because my rental agreement was up and boy do I miss it!! So long doppler and thank you for reassuring me more times than I can count and bonding daddy and me with Lily!!
It's funny how my readings have changed from reading books like this...

to now reading books like this...

and this book that I received as a gift from a friend at work...

It seems so surreal!!

The hospital bag is packed! Not that I think we're going to fly out the door any minute, but it gave me something to do when all I want to do is hold and play with Lily! I guess you could say I'm nesting. David may be nesting too because he planted these flowers outside for her arrival. Think she'll like the color? So cute to see him planting these with so much love!! I heart him.

Wanna see what she'll be wearing home from the hospital? It's cuter in person and will be even cuter on her, but here it was love at first sight when I saw it at the store. I literally made an audible gasp and ran to the checkout with it!! It's JUST what I've been looking for!!

Baby bonnet given to Lily from my Godmother. Lily will turn this into a hanky to use on her wedding day!! woah!!

Got great news at work this week!!! They are starting an ON SITE DAYCARE!!!! Can you believe it? It'll start when she is 1, but what an amazing opportunity to take her to work with me, have lunch with her and just stop by to chat whenever I can!! My sister and good friends work there too so I think Lily will have MANY visitors throughout the day!!! I'm so excited! It feels too good to be true, but I'm hopeful it'll all work out. It's been approved by the big whigs so it's still in the planning stages, but we'll have a lot of input on who's hired, as well as getting the program in place. Cool or what?? (knocking on wood all goes as planned)

And if you're still reading this post, here is a 9 month belly, Lily is really growing in there!! Still feeling great!! I officially gave up high heels/baby heels/cute shoes this week and my feet couldn't be happier. I'm wearing skechers for the home stretch and can't believe the difference! I was coming home before with extremely swollen, aching feet, but now I'm pain-free!!! I would post a bare belly picture, but don't want the blog police to come after me if I show my belly button!! I could get arrested for public indecency! lol.

And if you missed it in the last post, you HAVE TO SEE this video my friend Kelle made for us! It's amazing!! She put together for us to show at our family baby shower as a surprise for us! Boy were we ever!! You may have to download the program "Photodex", but that takes just a few minutes to do. The video is 10 minutes so close your door, blare your speakers, grab a tissue and enjoy!! It's the one titled "Baby Hutcheson"...let me know if it works :)

Here's what Lily has been up to lately...

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Anonymous said...

Cuuuute take home outfit! I swear from the first belly shot to the 2nd it looks like she dropped some or am I seeing things?? Wow you're really getting there - awesome news that there may be a daycare at your school and what great timing!
Love Donna

Kelle said...

OH, LOVE the sweet little outfit! It's so close...I can hear her cry! Do you still have the letter I wrote you at the Bridesmaid Brunch? I remember writing about hearing her cry someday.... Oh, wow!!! 286!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit and the flowers that were planted. Lily is coming home to such a great place. I can't believe that you are nine months. I am so excited to be joining you in this journey. I can't wait until Im nine months.

Heidi said...

I LOVE the outfit, it is so beautiful! I can't wait to see Lily filling it out. I can't believe the time has come for this moment...WOW! We love you guys and Little Lily Grace!

Jessica said...

I just LOVE Lily's take home precious! I still need to find one for Chase!

What great news about the on-site!! I am jealous! That will work out SO nicely for you!! :)

Carin said...

Sharing all your excitement today!

The onsite day care sounds like THE BOMB.

Much love!