Sunday, March 30, 2008


So everyone tells us we won't have time to cook at first once Lily is here so we're trying a new concept thanks to Allison's suggestions...she swears by this place called "Let's Eat" where you can prepare your healhty/nutritious meals in advance, freeze them and have them ready any day of the week. This is great for after Lily is here so I dont feel like we're ordering pizza, eating cereal and/or eating the unhealthy frozen dinners every night!

Here's an article about the concept:

Here's the place we're trying this month:

We may try this place next month which Carie loves:

Here are 2 others with the same concept, but haven't tried:

I think most of these are a chain so you may be able to find one in your area. I just love the concept especially for new moms (and dads). We just got 16 meals (8 meals halved) and it came out to less than $5 per person!! Grocery shopping will be easier this month too as I'll only need staples...and diapers! Woah diapers!! I finally get to mosy down the baby aisle in Publix; something I used to run past and not even glance down bc it was too painful!!

Usually I'd prepare the meals in advance myself (with some gigggling girlfriends), but when I went in there, they said bc I'm a new mom-to-be (how did they know? lol) they'll prepare them for me complimentary! How nice is that? It's usually $20 for them to prepare.

Everywhere I go, cashiers, strangers, colleagues ask me when I'm due and I love to say "THIS WEEK". They all get so nervous and have this big surprise on their face like they want me to be at home in a wheelchair or already in the hospital and not out and about. It's so funny to say and see their reaction. By our dates, I'm officially due Wednesday, 4/2. By our ultrasounds, we're due Friday, 4/4. He said we have 2 due dates because our conception date is so exact bc we did IVF. Doc said she can come at anytime!! He doesn't want us going much past our due date because it is not good for the baby to get "overcooked".

As for me, I'm feeling great!! I have lots to do this week and feel like she can come anyday which is so exciting!! Lots of people are asking if we want visitors at the hospital. Since I've never had a baby before(did u know that? tee hee) , I'm not sure how we'll be feeling. I know we won't be up for any visitors before (obviously) or during (more obvious), but not sure about afterwards. Maybe a day or so later. Probably not right after. Depends on how Lily and mom/dad are feeling. But what do I know? Maybe I'll want Oprah visiting right after and doing a cover story!! lol. Jen will probably post pictures/stories as soon as possible as she has my blogger password so we'll see how Lily and parents are doing then. Keep praying that everything goes just as expected and Lily is here healthy and happy!!

The anticipation is so amazing! I want to put this feeling in a box and lock it up forever. I feel like I'm waiting for the biggest Christmas day of my life!! I'm trying SOOOO hard not to fast forward and enjoy/savor every minute because there is nothing like this feeling of anticipation and being pregnant. This might be my last time being pregnant (hopefully not) so I'm trying to enjoy every last second. Every kick. Every roll. Every fake contraction. Every hiccup. It's like I'm getting ready for 100 'Christmas-es' rolled into one!!

I can't wait to see her. Actually "see" her! What will she look like?

I can't wait to see David with her. I can just picture it. I picture it all the time.

I can't wait to see family and friends hold her who have gone through the same pain we've felt for the last 4 years. Finally some relief for them too! Finally. I feel like Lily is a gift from God for everyone. Not just us. We didn't get to this point alone.

I can't wait to hold her.

I can't wait to kiss her.

I can't wait to smell her.

I can't wait to talk to her.

I can't wait to have her look into my eyes.

I can't wait to see her in all the cute clothes we have for her as they drape from her body.

I can't wait to hear her cry.

I can't wait to breastfeed.

I can't wait to inspect every single toe and finger and stare at them in amazement.

I can't wait to stare at every square inch of her and realize this is our little miracle that we worked so hard to hard!

I can't wait to be a mom.

And then we get to take her home and call her our daughter. Our Lily Grace!

The anticipation is just too much!! xoxo

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Unknown said...

Awww..Kelly, I got CHILLS reading your post. As far as visitors, I am sure everyone will understand. YOU have to do what you feel is best, for YOU, David, & LILY! People will understand! You're going to be a MOM, and David, a DAD!!!! How INCREDIBLE is that! You're going to be such exceptional parents...your DAUGHTER, Lily is so lucky!!! This is all soooo exciting, I can't wait. I keep checking the blog to see if there is any announcement, or pics!

P.S. - My Dinner Factory is great, too! We've tried it. It is in Bonita, though.I don't know if you'd want to drive there.

Kelle said...

Stop it! Tears! I'm so glad you are so prepared right down to the meals...that way you can do nothing but soak in her love. And, I'm glad you are thinking of how you want to handle visitors too... it is a MOMMY AND DADDY'S decision because, as much as we all think this is part our moment it belongs to YOU....your heart has waited longer than anyone's! Sending oodles of kisses!

Tisha said...

Reading your list of "i can't waits" gave me chills. Good Luck!

Rayna said...

Kelly and David,
Your little girl is just about here! I wish you a happy and healthy delivery. Cherish every moment, every second! I can still remember every little detail of Alan's delivery; it seems like just yesterday! If you need anything, ANYTHING let us know. AJ can't wait to meet Lily and I can't wait to give her kisses (even though I loved kissing your belly each day). I'll see you all when I get back. Lots of Love!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Kelly, great idea to have meals that are healthy waiting for you. Wish I'd thought of that! I'm so happy Lily will be in mommy and daddy's arms soon - sooo soon!!!


Carin said...

rooting for 4/2 over in Michigan!


Jessica said...

So excited for you Kelly...can't believe Lily will be in your arms SO soon!! You are going to be one awesome mommy!!

carie said...

Again, I can't say it enough times but I totally, totally admire the way you completely relish each moment. Reading your blog is like basking in sunlight...I can feel the warmth, comfort and love you already possess in each word and phrase for Lily Grace. You are just amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

That is all I can say because I am SOOOOO excited for you!!!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to meet cousin Lily. I hope everything goes alright. Best of Luck to you and Uncle David:):):):)

Delenn said...

We have used this place called "Let's Dish". I am picking up some meals on Friday for just such a reason. They are very easy to put together and cook--even the non-cook can do it.

She's almost here!!