Monday, March 17, 2008

Fighting Addiction...

Ok, I'm officially addicted to scrapbooking now!

I need a 12-step program to rehabilitate me!

I need a sponsor to call in the middle of the night when I'm thinking about scrapbook spreads!! lol.

I'm reading magazines, shopping at stores, surfing endless sites, signing up for classes, asking friends, and perusing my pictures! I know I won't have this kind of time after Lily is here so I'm taking advantage of it now as the learning curve is a bit steep for me!! I feel like I'm rushing to get my master's degree and stuff all this information into my brain before I graduate!

Graduate into motherhood! WOW!

Here are some pages I've been working on....remember I'm still learning!! :)

Btw, IT IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!! I love having a "hobby" that I love and gets my creative juices flowing!!

Click the link above the page to see it up close...












We bought one of these this weekend to document the days and times of Lily! I'm reading the manual like a college textbook so I can learn all the ins and outs about it. Can't wait to post some video of Lily here on the blog!! Won't that be cool? (pausing for choral "yes" from crowd)

Congratulations to Serenity at because her water just broke and she's about to have a baby boy/girl!!!! Uh, note to self...she's due a few days AFTER ME!! OMG!





Woah! (fanning face, gasping for air)

I've been following her blog since she got pg so it's VERY surreal that she's about to deliver. I don't know if you heard me...

she's due a few days AFTER me!! WOAH NELLY SAYS KELLY!! Tee hee!


And if you missed it in the last post, you HAVE TO SEE this video my friend Kelle made for us! It's amazing!! She put together for us to show at our family baby shower as a surprise for us! Boy were we ever!! You may have to download the program "Photodex", but that takes just a few minutes to do. The video is 10 minutes so close your door, blare your speakers, grab a tissue and enjoy!! It's the one titled "Baby Hutcheson"...let me know if it works :)

Could I have any more tickers? lol. I seem to find another one every week!!

See how my baby is doing

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pregnancy due date

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Elissa said...

I've been checking up on you since you left a comment on my blog! I love your story and can't wait to hear about Lily's grand arrival! I have scrapbooked for years, so I get excited to see what other people are doing. Lily will be so glad when she is bigger!

Anonymous said...

I love the scrapbooking. Where do you go to do this? I would love to try it.

Justine H said...

Whereabouts online do you do this?

Kelle said...

Okay...first of all...thank you for including that cute little pink-hatted girl on one of Lily's pages! She made the cut! OMG! She is polishing her newborn torch, ready to pass it down to Lily Grace! And for good practice, we graduated to the next size up in diapers. That's a sign that the torch is about to go. She's coming. Did you see that ticker? THERE ARE ONLY TWO PUZZLE PIECES LEFT!!! I want to reach into the screen and rip them off! LOVE YOU LILY!

dig this chick said...

So since I have had my bug I get all tingly in my nipples when I am moved (either in a scary or joyful way). Anyway, I have tingly nipples. Can't wait for you to meet your Lily.

Tisha said...

i'm inspired by your pages to start digital scrapbooking myself.

Good luck with a speedy and easy delivery. :)

carie said...

Kelly...your pages are unbelievable! Keep working at it and you are such an amazing inspiration to us all!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey! Don't fight it the scrapbooking disease. Surrender to it. HA! You're looking great for 38 weeks, Kelly. I didn't look so purty purty. Hope everything goes fabulously when your baby comes.

Just wanted to swing by and say HI!!