Thursday, February 28, 2008

35 Weeks...

I had my 35 week appointment yesterday and all is perfect with Lily! Her heartbeat is strong and I'm NOT dilated so that is good news! We want her to cook for 4-5 more weeks. He tested me for Group B strep which some women are carriers of and don't know it. It's not a big deal if I come back positive with it; they just need to know in advance so they can put something in my IV to protect Lily from it when she travels through the birth canal. No worries either way. Knowledge is power.

David and I got to "play house" the other night while we watched Kelle and Brett's adorable little girl Lainey. She's almost 9 mos and what a joy it was to marinate in her love. David was so cute interacting with her and I couldn't help but fast forward to what it'll be like for us in just 33 days!!

For even cuter pictures of Lainey, check out her website at for some more soaking in the love!! I promise you'll be inspired!! It's a blog worthwhile of visiting daily!!

This weekend David and I are going to get a lesson from the police station on the proper way of installing car seats.

(pause, catching breath)

A car seat.

As in a car seat for Lily!

I truly can't wrap my mind around the idea that a wittle baby will be in that car seat, but doing things like this make it a little more tangible in my brain. Little things like getting her car seat installed amaze and humble me all at once! I know people have babies all of the time, but I feel like we're living a dream!!

If you'd like to peek at her, here she is in all her glory! Covered up a bit, but you get the idea. As much as I can't wait to meet her, I'm sure going to miss her rolling and kicking around in my belly everyday; right by my side all of the time!

Check out my newest ticker....I love this one!! :)

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Kelle said...

This is my most favorite pregnant picture of you. Instant tears. I've never seen your face happier...ever. And you look so beautiful. I love pregnant women! I think they are so gorgeous, and that belly is so especially beautiful. Awww... thanks for loving Lainey and sharing. We're so happy we get to have this special bond with Lily! xoxo Thank you both for giving her so much love the other night!

AshPash said...

Kelly, so glad the recent dr visit went so well! Love the belly shots.

Kelle said...

P.S. Lainey's not almost 10 months. She's a newborn plus 9 months.
--In Denial Darla

Anonymous said...

Lainey is so cute and I LOVE that name! You do look so beautiful - it's right around the corner Kelly how exciting!! You'll be walking her all around to see her yard and her house ya!!! Donna

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love to babysit her, I would be constantly doing a diaper change need it or not so I could see, lick and touch her little bald puffy p---y they taste soooooooooooo good