Monday, February 25, 2008

Growing Along...

Well, people...we're now in the 30s for the countdown! How cool is that? It seems so close, yet so far away. We feel so ready, but yet not at all. I feel like we know Lily so much already, but not even close to after she is here! Such a whirlwind of emotions!!

D and I took a breastfeeding class on Sunday and it was TERRIFIC!! The presenter was wonderful and told us the realistic point of view of bringing home a newborn and trying to juggle it all!! It was only 2 hours, but I wish it was longer because she was so knowledgeable and spoke about more than just breastfeeding. It was 100% better than the 8 hour labor prep class we took awhile back!! That was not enjoyable!! Live and learn.

Lily's grandpa (D's dad) is in the hospital, but doing better now. It was quite the scare to get a call Saturday night at 3:00am to tell us they rushed him to the ER due to low blood pressure and feeling severely ill. Lots of tests, cat scans and nail biting, it turns out he had a severe blockage in his intestines that they cleared up and he's feeling much better. He's being monitored closely and should be released in a few days. Lily is so happy her gpa is doing better!! We love you Lare-Bear and want you to be as healthy as possible!! It's amazing how you take your health for granted until you get a scare like this to make you really think of how precious life really is!!

35 weeks on Wednesday!


that sounds so...

...well, I dunno,

it sounds so pregnant!!


cjs said...

I love the closing lines of this post!

reminiscing back to the hot tub told me not to feel bad, because it was going to happen, you just weren't sure when or how.

and I didn't. feel bad, that is. because I believed it. I, too, knew this day would come.


love you!

Kelle said...

Oh, big smiles!!! SO PREGNANT!!! WITH A GIRL!!! WITH A LILY!!! 143!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, my lactation consultant at the hospital very helpful and wouldn't let me give up. Some babies just latch on like Gwen did but Stevie had a hard time and my consultant was so wonderful. If they don't offer you a consult you can ask for one and I didn't have to pay extra for her...they also will also let you use a mega powerful breast pump between feedings to get your milk flowing. I love the hospital where I delivered I was so spoiled and learned so much. I hope you have the same experience.

Anonymous said...

maria rocks!!! can't believe lily will be here so soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that it is happening so soon. I am so happy for you. She is going to be so beautiful and sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo happy for you Aunt Kelly. I can't wait to meet Cousin Lilly.