Wednesday, February 13, 2008

33 Weeks!! :)

We're getting there people!! Lily will be here in 7 weeks!! If you take a glance to your right, we only have 48 more days! WOAH!! Too much for my wittle brain to handle!!

We had a small hiccup today. I don't want to call it a "scare" because that would be overstating it. Everything was great until about 2pm when I started spotting. Ruh roh! I haven't spotted since the first trimester. I felt Lily moving all day so I took a deep breath and tried not to go into freak out mode which I normally do when I see something suspicious. I was proud of myself for staying calm. I kept repeating, "everything is OK" to myself over and over. I had a parent conference in 5 minutes so I "speed walked" (ok maybe I jogged) to my office phone, shut the door and calmly called my doctor. The nurse said I needed to come in so they can check my cervix. "Everything is OK" was my mantra. I went to the parent conference and tried to form coherent sentences while thinking about my cervix in the background. Strange combination!!

Long story short, urine, weight, blood pressure was normal, and Dr. T checked my cervix which was NOT dilated!! I repeat...I was NOT DILATED!! Yahoo!! I threw confetti all over the office and was very relieved. Dr. Thompson told me he heard about my blog from another patient and planned on reading it tonight! OMG! Dr. T is reading my blog!! He could be reading this right now!! My doctor. Reading my blog. Hi Dr. Thompson. (waving at monitor giggling at idea of my dr. reading my blog) Thanks Jenn D. for sharing the address with him. That is way cool!

Anyway, then he ordered an ultrasound to rule out any placenta issues!! (throwing more confetti, blowing horns, doing happy dance) I went downstairs and got another peek at the beautiful Lily! I swear she is the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to see and smell her sweet skin!! She was licking her lips and in and out of slumber. U/s tech said everything looks normal, healthy and growing right on track! Oh yea, Lily is head down so she's ready to fly down the chute!! Yaa!! So she sent me on my way with a smile plastered across my face!! (doing the jig in parking lot)

All in all, if they're not worried, then I'm not worried. The spotting has subsided quite a bit so I'll keep my eye on it, but not terribly concerned. I go back in 2 weeks for another checkup. Maybe the nurses will start reading my blog too!! tee hee.

Here's an 8 month, 1 week picture of Lily!! She's kinda covered in pink, but you get the idea. :)

Some neat pictures from the family shower! Thanks Dottie (#1 MIL) for taking so many great shots!!;jsessionid=C178C6A1DC365342E4AF244CF62E97AD
Thanks to Rayna for sharing this beautiful poem with us!!! We heart you!!

A Wish For A New Baby

I wished upon a star…
I closed my eyes and prayed,
I threw a shiny penny,
into a well each day.
The same little wish was wished,
upon my birthday cake
I asked the Lord…please hurry,
just for heaven’s sake!
I was trying to be patient,
but I had waited long enough
my wishing well with pennies
was now completely stuffed!
I would start and end my days
repeating the same prayer,
I knew that up in heaven
they could see I really cared.
Just when I thought I couldn’t,
bear another day
it is that I learned,
you were on your way.
All the prayers and wishes,
finally did come true.
The blessing God gave me,
was my pregnancy with you!

~Christine Michaels

Some light reading about Lily Grace...

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Anonymous said...

Soooooo glad to hear everything is ok! I laughed OUT LOUD, in my office, at you saying hello to your doctor in the middle of your writing! You crack me up!!

Carin said...

that WE ARE BLESSED sign above the door to Lily's room is THE BOMB. Total chills and tears in my eyes when I saw that picture!!!!


love you!!!

Heidi said...

Whew! BIG sigh of relief:) Lily is just waiting patiently to see her mommy and daddy face to FACE!

donna said...

Uhh Hello!!!! You sooo did not need to come to the conf. I would have never guessed your mind was on your cervix!!! HA!!! Thanks for all of your help, I think we will be ok, at least until Lily arrives!!! You are to dedicated!!! I am so glad everything is ok!!! I am a prime example of how we moms never quit worrying!!!!

Joanna De Beers said...

You look so beautiful! The best picture yet!

That poem is amazing because of the first line: "I wished upon a star" because of something I had done for you that I wasn't planning on telling you about. For an entire year before you got pregnant with Lily, I would wish upon the first star I saw every night that you would get pregnant. I am not saying that I had anything to do with you getting pregnant, but a daily wish couldn't hurt. Now that my wish for you has come true, I have two more friends trying to get pregnant and my nightly wishes are going to them.

I am so excited for you. Enjoy these last exciting weeks. :)

Kelle said...

I didn't see the poem yesterday! That's so beautiful! I reread that entry today and all the Joanna wishing on a star! I wished on my t.v., my couch, every black car that drove by me...well for that matters, every blue, red, white, and silver one too. I wished on Sophie and Latte and every poop they made in the front yard. I wished on everything I could think of, and now IT'S COMING TRUE!!! All those wishes add up to one beautiful baby. I just know Lily is going to be pretty. I just know it. 143 so much! Actually, I have to double 143 now for Lily so it's really 286. 286!!! P.S. Sorry for saying "poop" on the comment page.

Delenn said...

Congrats on 33 weeks! I think I said this before, but I love your nursery. I'm into scrapbooking and I love the words on the walls. Very cool!