Monday, February 04, 2008

Family Reveal Video, Nursery Pix, and Family Shower Pix

Say Hi to Lily Grace!! She's even smiling in one of the pictures!! She's ready for her Sears Portrait!!! Dr. said she's a snuggler bc she was snuggling next to my placenta the entire time!! I think she'll enjoy snuggling in our arms much better!!! xoxo
(click on picture to see her even closer)

Hope this works! This will make you feel like you were there for the family reveal! It was heavenly! xoxo

Here is a link to some of my snapfish albums. Let me know if you are not able to open them and I can try sending them directly to you.

Here are pix from the 4D u/s today! It was incredible!!
She was yawning, stretching, sucking her thumb, blinking and even smiled at us a few times!!! The u/s tech said she is a snuggler and a smiler! She said everything looked normal and VERY HEALTHY at every turn!! Music to our ears!! She's weighs approximately 4.2 pounds!!! OMG!! She was measuring a week AHEAD of our dates so she estimated a 3/28 due date based on Lily's measurements.

Um, note to self....that's NEXT MONTH!! Yipes!!! So Lily will probably be here at the end of March/beginning of April! How exciting is that?? I turned in my maternity leave forms today to my work. That was surreal!!! :)

4D pix and 4D VIDEO too!!!!!

More amazing pictures from the family shower...we're so blessed!

Here are more pix of the nursery and some 31 week belly pix :)

Family Reveal Pictures:


Heidi said...

Oh My Goodness...what an amazing, raw and emotional video clip that is. It is so beautiful and loving and exciting and ...the list goes on and on! I could feel the love in that room through my computer monitor. Whew. Lily is soooooo beautiful and so loved and so LUCKY to have two parents like you. Love you.

anna said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that awesome video and the pictures of your beautiful little girl and fantastic family. You look gorgeous! (Although I'm a bit jealous that you're wearing summer clothes and on a beach while I brave yet another snow storm!)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you so much for letting us be part of your journey! Felt like I was there!


Carin said...

oh my beautiful blog, tears, pics, nursery, E.T.C.!!!!

Wish I could have been there, although the videos helped me feel like I was!

A GIRL!!! I can't believe it!!! I felt like it was a girl!

Girls are WONDERFUL!!!

I love you!