Thursday, February 21, 2008


My adorable 2 year old niece was very generous this weekend! Look what she sent to Lily!!!

She is sharing ALL of her clothes with Lily! What a nice niece!! This is TWO YEARS worth of clothing!! Molly and I used to have "issues" sharing our clothes growing up (tee hee) so I guess they're teaching Grace early how nice it is to share!! WOW! To say we were overwhelmed and grateful for all of her ADORABLE clothes is a huge understatement! We've been doing laundry for 4 days straight, washing it all in Dreft and trying to organize it all! It's an exciting and overwhelming task all at once!! We're still in shock by it all!! Thank you sweet Grace! Lily will try to look as cute as you do in them!!

Here is a recent picture of Lily covered in pink again. I kinda blended into the wall for the first picture so I changed the background color for contrast.

I've been looking forever, but I just found a diaper bag I can "bond with" and am so in love with it!! David bought his own too after Colleen gave us that tip! :)

Some light reading....34 weeks. 41 more days. 6 more weeks. WO!


Anonymous said...

Wow that really was great! I had my great neices clothing for Gwen from newborn - about 9 months and it sure came in handy! I love the diaper bag! Holy you know what about it being only 6 more weeks!! Wow that will be here before ya know it!!! Donna

Jessica said...

How nice!!! :-) That sure will save you a ton of money! My sister gave us all of Casen's clothes and it has helped us out a ton. Of course, I still like to go out and buy Eli his "own" stuff...but he has gotten a lot of use out of Casen's stuff too!!

Kelle said...

That there is a pile of heaven! I see cute crocs, ruffled hems, footie jammies and is that hot pink ric-rac trim I spy in the second picture down? Delicious! Oh, my heart is just smiling SO big for you. It just keeps gettin' better, doesn't it? I know what joy a baby girl has brought me, and to know you've wanted this for so long! You better get some more love cups lined up, girl 'cuz they're gunna fill up and overflow every minute of every day. Let the river run! We'll bathe in the leftovers!!! Oh sweet, sweet Lily! I love you!

cjs said...

oh my goodness, she's getting so big! I love your diaper bag! and no, I don't think it's too early to pack it :o).

Tisha said...

I hope you don't mind my reading your blog. Your excitement is really contagious. It brings back memories of my pregnancy. I think I packed my bag for the hospital and my diaper bag around this time, I couldn't wait either. I then repacked both about a hundred times before Jonah finally showed up, but thats the fun of packing early, so Pack Away!

Shh, don't tell anyone, I still LOVE organizing Jonah's clothes.

Anonymous said...

if she is wearing knickers I will take them but don't bother washing them I want to smell her c--t