Wednesday, January 09, 2008


WOW! I think I'm still in shock that today marks SEVEN MONTHS! The beginning of the 3rd trimester! We've got a baby blinking and growing eyelashes in my tummy right now!! What in the world is happening? It's so exciting I can barely stand it!! I feel the baby moving on a regular basis and it's like the first time each and every time!! I always knew I wanted to get pg because I knew an actually baby would be at the end of that pregnancy and that's what we yearned for so much! But, what I didn't expect was to enjoy being pg just this much! I never let myself go there. I always skipped to the end of the 40 weeks with a baby in our arms. I never truly thought about what would be entailed during each of those 40 weeks. Needless to say, I'm enjoying every single second!!

Our next u/s was moved up 2 days and is now on Martin Luther King Day, (1/21)! Oh how I love that MLK day!! Not only is it a day off for me, but now we get to see our peanut again! It seems like it's been forever since we have seen our baby! I can't wait to get a glimpse of the growth and say hi!! He/she says hi everyday with kicks so I think it'd be only friendly to do it back!! Hee hee I'll post 28w belly pix later on :)

Here are some happenings with Baby H if you'd like to take a peek :)
Here's a picture I found online of what our baby looks like at 28 weeks :)

I love you all and everything, but this is not MY 28 week belly picture!! This is an image found online in case you were confused. LOL!!!


Kelle said...

Oh, I'm so happy you are enjoying it! It's heaven. I'm SO thankful that everything you've gone through hasn't shadowed what your GOING THROUGH enough to the point where you didn't feel sheer bliss. You deserve that beautiful bliss to the thousandth degree. DRINK IT IN, BABY! It's only gunna get better!!! 143!

Anonymous said...

hey kelly
I am so excited for you. I can't believe that you are seven months. WOW! We are starting round number 2 with lupron on the 29th and retrieval tentatively around Feb. 18th. It stills kills me to think that the first one didn't work, but we keeping our fingers crossed for this one. We aren't going to do our blog again because we ren't telling all of our family and they know the site. But please keep in touch
I can't believe that it is almost time!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicki (