Monday, January 28, 2008


we have a problem! David is super sick!! Like temperature, body aches, chills, vomitting, can't eat, hot, then cold,...cold, then hot, sleeping non-stop, but not really sleeping!! He's staying home from work today to hopefully sleep!! He was huddled on the couch last night like a snow skiier in full attire, ski hat, 2 blankets, and still shivering!! :(
I'm trying my best to nurse him back to health, while keeping my distance so "we" (the baby and me) don't get sick. The scariest part is that his parents fly in this week!! It started yesterday and I think he broke his fever already so it might be just the 24 hour bug, but it's still scary timing! Say prayers he feels better; especially when both families are in town and we have the big gender reveal!! He has allergies sometimes that give him problems, but I haven't seen him this sick since we were dating back in 1999!!! YIPES!!

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