Sunday, January 20, 2008

Labor Class...

was not worth our money or time. :( Wah! It was neat to be in the "club" of parents, but the instructor was new (2nd class), material was basic, and presentation was a little discombobulated!! David gave the class an F and I gave it a D- because I felt too guilty to actually "fail" the class and instructor. We did make the best out of it by writing funny notes back and forth, couple watching, and we got the giggles big time many times at the "mature content" and we were extremely "punchy" after 7 hours!

The best part of the day was when we went to lunch at "Salad Creations" which just opened in town and it was DELICIOUS! David was reluctant to go to a place with the name "salad" in the title, but we split a wrap and we both thought it was to die for! I'm actually still thinking about it!! The guy ahead of us got a salad and said he's bringing it home and said he cant get 4 salads out of it!! I want to tell everyone about it. I want to start a franchise in my house! It was that good!! Try it and I know you'll love it! Gets the buds watering just thinking about it.

In about 12 hours, we'll get to see our baby again!! This has been the longest stretch we've gone by far and it's driving me crazy! I looked back in our records and the last u/s was on 11/30/07!! OMG! That's "last year"!! Unacceptable!! To say I'm excited is an understatement!! (bit nervous too, but I'm trying to ignore that part of my brain) I just want everything to be OK, healthy, growing naturally and "NORMAL"!!! Baby has been kicking up a storm so I'm feeling confident, but still a bit anxious. I think the baby liked the class today because we could actually see the skin on my belly moving, popping, kicking, violently like popcorn! It was pretty cool!

I'll post asap after my appt tomorrow at 9:40. I think we may go early to get a good seat!! :) Say prayers!! xoxo


Kelle said...

Can't wait to hear the ultrasound report. It's just heaven being able to say "hi" to your baby that close...and dying to hear if you get the 4D ultrasound tomorrow! Too cool! Love that you can see popcorn! 143~

Anonymous said...

Sorry the class wasn't worth the $. I wish you could have had my instructor - she was amazing. She's an ob nurse and we went once a week for 6 weeks and learned so much and she made it really fun. She has 2 daughters and the funny thing is her knowledge is mostly from her job because she, like me, ended up having 2 c-sections.