Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Shower

WOW! What an event this baby shower was yesterday! It was incredible! Tears were flowing everywhere from everyone!! I felt like I had pledged this sorority for 4 years and finally was accepted with open arms with no pledge fees!! I felt so loved and welcomed into mommy-hood and know those feelings will only continue!!

I tried to caption each picture, but couldnt get it all lined up so I'll tell you the overview and let the pictures speak for themselves.

One of the neatest parts of the shower was the surprise Julie had for me and Baby H!

Julie had problems getting pg with her first child, Erica and she would pray and pray to become pregnant until one day she wrote a letter to God in her diary praying for a talented, content, warm, happy baby. Julie read that letter aloud and we all know that her dream came true as she had Erica who is now 12 years old and a beautiful spirit. At Julie's baby shower for her daughter Erica, her friend Lucia Jenkins wrote and sang a song for Julie.

Well, wouldn't you know it...Erica decided to sing the same song to me and Baby Hutcheson! Tears were flowing like waterfalls from everyone!! It was magical and touching! I'll try to get the lyrics from Julie and post it on the blog. It was a moment we'll never forget. Thank you Julie. Thank you Erica. Thank you Nathan (Julie's son) for giving Baby H $10 of your hard earned money when I know you probably had to clear our your piggy bank for that. Thank you Kelle for taking pictures like Michelle Reid. Thank you Jen for taking notes and being there. Thank you Colleen for video taping the entire experience. And thank you to all of the friends who were there and weren't there. My heart is so full and so happy! It's spilling over into my belly and Baby Hutcheson is lapping up the love!!


Kelle said...

Just take your love and multiply it by a billion 'cuz that's how much it's gunna be once you meet him/her! We are SO happy for you and love that baby too SO much! It's just nice to see you smile!

carie said...

WOW! What a gift! I know why you have so many amazing people to wish you well and want to do special things for you that you will keep in your memory forever! You have been waiting what seems like a lifetime to hold your child in your arms but in just a short time the countless hours you have spent anticipatng and preparing will just melt away. Your life will begin anew with the new life you have created and your true purpose will be revealed! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the most extraordinary ride of your life!

anna said...

Wow, you truly are loved! I'm so glad you had such a lovely baby shower. I'm sitting on pins and needles to find out the gender of Baby H and can't believe this is all going so fast! Before you know it, your little munchkin will be here, and now you have lots of new loot from the shower so you're ready!