Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Weekend

Well, this sure is a baby filled weekend! We're getting all these prezzies organized in the nursery and it's SO MUCH FUN!!! Is it too early to be "nesting" bc I'm there!! Even Charley joined in on all the fun!! He loves paper, tape, plastic, boxes and was going nuts like it was Christmas morning.

We're going to BRU today use some of our gift cards to buy clothes and make some adjustments to our registry. We realize we don't need anymore washcloths, blankets, toys, hooded towels, receiving blankets as we got a bunch at the shower and we still have those little things on the registry. FUN!!

Then tomorrow we're going to an ALL DAY labor prep class for new parents!! I'm very excited and nervous we'll be overwhelmed with all the information. We've both been reading a lot so hopefully we have a leg up, but the class was $95 smackaroos so we'd better learn A WHOLE LOT OF NEW STUFF!! The cost of the class is very disturbing to me and I'm going to put it on the comment card at the end if they even have those. If not, I'm writing a letter after the class to let them know how I feel. Here is why I'm upset about the price of the class:

1) The cost of the class is A HUGE DETERRENT for new moms/dads to attend and become educated about all that goes into delivery and caring for a newborn. Single moms or parents on welfare need the education tremendously, but it's not feasible to pay $95 for a 7 hour class.

2) The cost of the class was $75 in 2007 and bumped up to $95 in 2008! That's a big jump if you ask me!!

3) It's free at most hospitals for this same class!! If not free, it's usually a much reduced price like $30-$40 which I could accept a little bit more.

So I'm excited and will go there with an open mind, but we'd better learn a lot of my follow up letter might not be too pleasant! We won't know unless we try and I think it'll be a neat experience for both of us overall because we have very limited experience with babies. Plus, we're going to a baby class for NEW PARENTS! Hello! "NEW PARENTS"!! That'll be us in 74 days! WOAH! That's deep.

Then on Monday we have an ULTRASOUND!!!!!!!!! YAAA! Can't wait to see our baby again! I think it's been about 6-8 weeks!! It's been so long that I can barely remember! Here's even better news.....

I was talking to a colleague after school on Friday (whose wife is pregnant) and I asked him when/if they were going to find out the gender. He said they were having a 4D u/s on Wednesday. My eyes/body turned green with envy and my ears perked up. I asked him where he was having it done and he said the name of his doctor. It was a doctor who partners with my doctor!! I know the 3 doctors share one ultrasound tech so neurons were going off in my head....I asked who his u/s tech was and he said Nadene, the same lady we always/only go to.

Ding, ding, ding...confusion and excitement set in as I raced to the nearest phone and called the doctor's office immediately to get more details. The nurse said our u/s tech has the capability of doing 4D ultrasounds, but WE JUST HAVE TO ASK FOR IT when we get our next u/s!! That's it? And the baby has to "cooperate" (whatever that means). I asked about extra charge and she said it's the same price! I was aghast! I HAD NO IDEA! We've had 13+ u/s and it's never been offered, hinted at, discussed, or anything!! We just assumed she didn't have the capability, but now we know different. Needless to say, we'll be asking for it on Monday and I can't imagine if we get the opportunity to see our baby up close and personal like that. I'd invite all of our family and friends to pack in the room, but they don't know the gender yet so it'd be too risky. 14 more days until David's family and my family are together and we reveal the gender! Can't wait!!!

Here's another picture of Julie who knows how to make everyone cry and create really moving showers! We're so blessed to be so loved. I heart my Julie!!

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What a fun weekend for you!! I did create a new blog for my friends in cyber world. It is We start our lupron in 9 days. I hope that we can be as happy as you two!