Thursday, June 28, 2007

Start Stimulation Shots Tomorrow....

Tomorrow is our big appt where they'll check my estrogen level and ultrasound to make sure we're ready to begin! I think everything will go as planned, but you never know when you're on this roller coaster!

We had a scare today as the ivf clinic called me in a panic telling me they were missing some important lab results they needed by tomorrow or we could not start stimulation!! I had the tests done 6-8 weeks ago so I knew they were completed, but had to put fire under some booties in the records department to get them to fax them today. So I'm leaving messages all over town waiting for someone to call me back. I was worried they were lost bc the place I had them done was not the best place, but I learned that after the fact. I had Maxson fax me another prescription for the tests as a backup plan and wouldve had them run here at 7am before we left, but after many calls, using the fire extinguisher to try to put out the fire, hours of nail biting, the receptionist called to confirm that she found them and had faxed them. (I wanted to lecture on the importance of doing it 6-8 weeks ago when they came in, but I bit my tongue) I called Maxson and they confirmed they received it!! PHEW! Oh my last minute batman! That's not how I work best!! I hate putting out fires! My fire extinguisher is tired!!

I love my new acupuncturist!!! Her english is a little broken, but she puts in almost triple the amount of needles as the previous lady which I love! The more the merrier! She said she's worked with patients going thru IVF and warned us about "fins"!! I looked at her confused bc I didnt want fins growing on our baby and then she held up two fingers and said, "you may have fins" and I realized she was telling me we could have TWINS!! LOL!!

I'll post after our appt tomorrow! Sorry I havent posted was hard to write at home bc we were on "dial up" (stop snickering) and we just got hooked up with cable internet! I cant believe the difference in speed!! I feel like someone just greased my slow, antiquated bike and now im whizzing around the neighborhood! I can barely keep up with the pedaling!! sooooooooooooooooooo fast!! WOWSA!! It's like our puter is on speed!!!

Here's me on my new computer....

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Jessica said...

Shots start today! Yaheee! So exciting!! :) I bet you are so happy you got high-speed internet now! You will never be able to go back... :)