Thursday, June 14, 2007

Party Starting...

I start supression shots(lupron) on Monday, 6/18!! I'm on those for 2 weeks and then start the big daddies, ie stimulation drugs on Friday, 6/29!! Those drugs are the expensive ones that make me produce some nice plump, ripe eggs!! I should be on those for approx 2 weeks, then the egg retrieval, then the implantation 3 days later!! WOW! As much work as it is, it does happen relatively fast! Thank goodness I'm off for summer so I can run to and fro appointments with ease! I'm off to acupuncture you all!!

PS I'm sleeping soundly EVERY NIGHT for the past 2 weeks! YES!!

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Jessica said...

Oh oh oh! So exciting to finally get dates, etc for your IVF cycle! :) Good luck with the shots!! You are in my prayers!!!! Luv ya!