Thursday, June 14, 2007


My acupuncturist had some "news" for me today. She informed me that she was going on a cruise! I said, "Oh, that's great! You deserve it for how hard you work. Is it a 3 day, 4 day or a week long cruise?" (secretly & selfishly hoping she'd be back in time for when the stimulation began) and she says, "Oh no, not really. I'll be gone for FOUR MONTHS and I leave next week!!!!" She's going to live on a ship and work as an acupuncturist travelling the world for FOUR MONTHS! She's nervous and excited about this big move. She may continue to do it longer if she likes, but is going to give it a try. My mouth was on the floor, but she quickly assured me that she is sending me to her mentor/teacher and 2nd generation acupuncturist, Dr. Cen. I asked lots of questions about her and looked her up online and have her advertisements. Her parents and grandparents mastered acupuncture as well and knows her stuff!
I have an appointment next Thursday and I'm excited to meet her and hear what she has to teach me. pssssst.....I secretly like that she is chinese. tee hee

I just got this email from Rev Run (he's on Mtv) and absolutely LOOOOOVE the last line!! I work on this everyday!!!

Good morning. Live for today. Multitudes of people have failed to live
for today... What they have had within their grasp today they have
missed entirely, because only the future has intrigued them...
We steal... If we touch tomorrow. Its Gods... :) :)
God is Love
Rev Run

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