Monday, April 30, 2007

Curvy Roads Ahead....

This is the sign in my head when I think about the upcoming month or 2!! Not sure what to expect, but we're ready for any curves in the road!!

To catch you up, I got my period on Sunday (FINALLY)!! I've havent had a period since January 1st!!!!!!! Of course a lot has happened between then and now, but it was still shocking to think about it like that!
Anyway, here's the skinny as far as I know. I go in tomorrow for ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure my levels are ok and all looks well. If we pass that test, then I'll have an HSG next Monday where they shoot dye thru my tubes and take xrays of my insides to make sure it's all ready for IVF. I'll have that done in Margate or Naples - that is still TBD! (long and boring story as to the why)

If we pass those tests, I'll start an ovulation predictor kit on CD10 to see when I ovulate. Once I ovulate, they'll wait 8 days and start me on Lupron shots which helps suppress my hormones. I should be on those shots for 12 days and then I'll start the stimulation phase. I'm guessing I'll start that the first week in June, but that is all determined by when I ovulate this month. All dates are pinned to that.

For now, I just have to get my bloodwork/ultrasound tomorrow and have an HSG on Monday - those 2 will happen no matter what. Then I have to wait to ovulate which will be around 5/12ish and we'll go from there. Lots of hurdles to jump first, but if all goes well, then we'll start the stimulation early June, implantation mid June and find out if we're pg in July!! WOWOWOWOW!!

We wanted to start this month bc if there are unforseen delays we still have a lot of summer to play with to try again. It all happens so fast! It is much nicer knowing what to expect for both David and i and I'll be floating in my pool in between appointments to avoid any stress whatsoever!!

Hope that all makes sense!!! Thanks for caring!!! We're ready for the race to begin again! Get on your marks!!


Jessica said...

So exciting Kelly!!! Can't believe it is happening so soon...woo hoo!! You are always in my prayers...

Jessica said...
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Joanna De Beers said...

Wow! I can't believe this is all happening so soon, although I bet it has seemed like an eternity on your end. Can't wait to hear about what happens! Good luck!