Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ultrasound and Bloodwork...

I had bloodwork and u/s yesterday and am waiting anxiously for those results. The nurse who did my u/s in Naples was kinda clueless, but said that I had 13 large follicles in my ovaries. She said she didnt expect to see that in me bc I havent been stimulated since 1/15. She usually counts up follicles after stimulation. The nurse does not work for Maxson bc she's a separate center and I went to a place that does mammograms, etc for the general public.
They are not an ob/gyn nor related to the ivf clinic so that made me hopeful that they're nothing to worry about. I asked her if she thought they could be cysts and she said "maybe". That sent shockwaves through my heart bc if they are cysts, then I'd have to go on the pill for many months to starve them and stop them from growing. I "catastrophized" the worst case scenario last night, but I talked to another IVF friend today and she said not to worry. They are normal and could be leftover from the last IVF cycle. Needless to say, I have a call into the dr. to see if he thought my tests were all normal and we can proceed as expected. I'll keep you posted!! Feeling a little anxiety today waiting to hear if it's nothing or something! I REALLY want to capitalize on summer break by being able to attempt IVF again and not have to worry about missing work so I feel like im in a time crunch bc I have 10 weeks to play with this summer. I dont want to miss anymore work if possible. Every hour I miss is taking away from my maternity leave and I'm trying to save up every second for that precious time!

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for the best. Don't listen to u/s tech's. The one that just gave me the thyroid u/s gave me totally bogus info and it's the radiologists that are trained in reading the u/s and x-rays...Love ya Donna