Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hi Lisa Forsythe...

This is our new dream miracle worker we're hoping will help us achieve our dreams of meeting Baby Hutcheson. She's my new acupuncturist
and she's been referred to me by so many doctors, friends in the area that I'm sure she'll be fantastic! She'd better be for $110 for the first visit and $80 for every one after that!!!!!!!!!! GULP! Those are some pricey needles if you ask me!!!!!! We're still finding out if insurance covers it, but will go to her no matter what. With the insurance I have, I'm thinking it won't be covered. :( :( :( I spoke to her and she said she's had many clients going through IVF that go to her and has had success! This is one of her specialities! Now that's what I'm talking about!! I can't wait to meet her. I have an intake and acupuncture session with her on Monday at 3:30. I hope this helps with Baby H because it won't hurt so much when the needles are going in and when I'm writing that check every week! DOUBLE GULP!!!!

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