Friday, April 27, 2007

Appointment Went Well

I'll give acupuncture a thumbs up!!

I loved the acupuncture!! I was really surprised as I did it years ago and didnt enjoy it bc I was so stressed about the needles the entire time! This time I didnt feel a thing!! She left them in for 30 minute and I zonked out like a little baby! Hopefully, this'll work bc it costs $110 the first time and $80 each additional week!!! Insurance does NOT cover it!!! UGH!! I spent almost 2 hours with her bc she was counseling me so much asking me all sorts of questions about my lifestyle, history, my coping skills, etc and it was very interesting!! She kept asking how I was grieving all this and the emotional pain might be leading to some other ailments (insomnia, constipation, etc) The whole session was much deeper and therapeutic than I expected! I thought she'd come in, pop me with a few needles and I'd be on my merry way. I didnt think I was going to a therapist!! I'm looking forward to going back next Thursday!!!

No af yet so it's hard to plan my IVF schedule.......they said 4-6 weeks from the D&C and im in week 5 - i keep thinking anyday, but not so much! maybe the needles will help her come along!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the accupuncture was a pretty cool experience! I'm praying it works or atleast helps. Love ya Donna