Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Lacing Up Lily

A few months ago, Lily started this love for soccer out of nowhere. She knew I had played in the past, but it never seemed to phase her or excite her. One morning she woke up and started dribbling her soccer ball all over the house. She'd brag about how fast she was and how many goals she could score using the doorways as her goal. So we signed her up. Then she asked regularly when she was going to start. Then the day came. She insisted on her socks above her knees and I insist on choosing my battles. I think she'll start a fad actually.

This post is about Lily and her starting soccer and I dont want to make it about me, but what the hella is going on with freaky genetics when I came across this picture. This is me back in my hay day. OMG!

And why the hella did the photographer think it was a good idea to have me climb up the tree halfway and pose?

She was VERY hesitant to join the team saying she was too nervous. She refused to practice like all the others unless I stood next to her and practice with her holding her hand. Ummm, that's not gonna happen, but how the hella do I get off the field and leave her on there? This standing next to my leg, not participating went on for about 10 minutes. Then we had a water break. Hmmmm???? I told her I had to stay with Grady on the sidelines because he was being naughty running on the field and the field was only for 4 year olds and that did the trick. I walked her out and told her my Grady watch job began and she stayed out there. No whining. No running after me. She actually started to get into it and seemed ok. (wiping brow)

She loves when her brother is naughty.

She even volunteered to be goalie..(socks still above knees)

and ran her little tooshy off during practice...Love the colored penny she wore during a scrimmage....(socks still above knees)

doing stuff on their own comes naturally for most kids her age, but it's really hard for her because she gets so nervous so when I see her actually doing it, I could just jump and scream "that's my girl lily!" .(socks still above knees)

overcoming her fears and joining the team...(socks still above knees)

and soaring...(did u notice the socks?)

I see her coming into her own lately and more sure of herself and nothing could make me happier. ( i love the socks)

This post isn't about me. This post isn't about me. This post isn't about me. But what the hella is up with this?? ( I want socks like Lily)

omg, it's just makes my jaw drop. even tho this post isn't about me. (or her socks)

she is a really good dribbler actually.(must be the socks)

ok, one more ....is this me or lily?

She'd look over on the sidelines every now and then and give me the proudest smile and wave. This wave I think she's trying to look cool with all her new friends so it's a mini wave. ( i want her to wear socks like this every week)

Ok even tho this post isn't about me or her socks, I'll make it about my dad. He is a soccer nut. He and I bonded over soccer from I was 4 years old until today. It's something that has always been a common thread between us. He and I went to taco bell then McDonalds after every practice on top of a 45 minute drive one way to practice a few times a week so we had a lot of great talks and time spent together. It wasn't just a hobby we shared, but it was like we were both in training for the olympics. We lived, breathed, slept and ate soccer. He was my coach (and got red carded for yelling at the refs), he managed teams, laundered the team jerseys for everyone in hotel rooms on away trips and never missed a game. I could do 5 posts about it if i wanted, but let's just say it was our thing together.

So after practice as Im doling out goldfish to Grady and I turn around and see this, I literally don't know what to do with my heart that is puddling all over practically flooding the park. The lump in my throat constricts my breathing sometimes.

there I go with the behind the back shots again. I can't stop actually.

holy full circle moments seeing them playing soccer together.

I couldn't get them off the field....

be still my heart.

I want memories like this moment in time to be etched into my brain like I'm doing etch a sketch and never shake it to make it disappear.

Any of you wondering where Grady is during this soccer post? Yea, so am I.

His wandering away to another city has gotten a lot better, but man on man, he really doesn't seem to care where his home base is once he takes off. Lily always put herself on an imaginary 3 foot leash attached to us and Grady doesn't even know what an imaginary leash is.

But he's sure fun to watch explore the world around him...

So Lily's first game is this weekend and I'm hoping the soccer excitement continues the entire season because she's having a ball (no pun intended) so far dribbling all over the house, leaving the ball outside her door at night and asking everyday if she has practice. I dont care what sport or activity she (or G) chooses in life, just as long as she's happy and fulfilled. There's nothing better than seeing your kids happy. Nothing.


Jennifer said...

OMG...I looove her socks and I LOVE HER SO INCREDIBLY MUCH!!

Big time tears on the dad photos. Unbelievable.

Aunt Jeffer

Kimberly R said...

Be still my heart!

Kimberly R said...

Be still my heart!

The Manrings said...

this could be one of my most favorite posts kel! can't believe she is such a big girl to play soccer...i mean real soccer...on a team and with a ball and shin guards and everything. so awesome. way to go L! that second to last picture of you in the red and white looks just like lily. holy wow! i love her style on the field and mostly her confidence. that little half wave...adorable. your dad and her playing together is just magic. keep it up soccer star. (surely she'll be a star like you right, genetics?) xoxo