Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Little Bit of this and that...

Someone has a 2nd bday coming up and someone is obsessed with Elmo (and books) so why not combine the two loves?

I dont care who is reading to them, there is nothing cuter than seeing them snuggled up reading books together. Even cuter when it's with their daddy.

or if I catch one of them playing with their grandparents then I'm just putty....

these 2 are like sisters (who never fight about clothes or slam doors on each other)

i feel so much contentment and all is right in the world when I see them together...

It's always made me a little sad that Lily will never have a sister because I know how powerful that relationship is, but she has that same connection with Grace and it makes my heart swing like it's on a trapeze.

Our shy little Lily (who we sometimes have to pull teeth to say hi to people) marched up to this couple who she's never met, sat down with them and shot the breeze for 20-30 minutes about life as a 4 year old. My mouth was gaping wide open the entire time watching from afar.

Wouldn't this be a cute picture in a future slide show if Grady ends up playing lacrosse in his teen years?

Dad is never happier than when he's with his kids and grandkids (son in laws too)

hanging on Grandpas couch (days after lily's terrible haircut awhile back)

Fishing in the museum in Naples is the bombzilla!

Story time at Il Primo trying to keep everyone entertained waiting for the pie to cook. YUM!

I dont know the exact date of this picture, but this was the turning point in Grady's dislike of the water....he fell in love this day after many weeks of whining and fussing near water and fell in love hard.

I couldn't believe my eyeballs

Someone else loves Elmo too, but she says only boys can like him. Ummm what? I remind her every time that she had a love affair with Elmo when she was 2. She acts all embarrassed when I mention it.

Have I mentioned my kids love books?

and leap pad in the car...

My mom was never much into gumball machines so now I'm a big sucker for saying yes to them...
that little quarter brings her so much joy and great for bribery too...

My heart skipped a beat seeing Grady toy around with an iPad at the Apple store in fear that he'd drop it, shattering it into pieces and we'd have a hefty bill on our hands...thank goodness for the security string!

We're busy like bees planning and packing like wild banshees for our FIRST TRIP TO DISNEY! I've put this trip off for so long waiting for the "perfect age" and I think we're finally there. Probably could've gone earlier, but my expectations are through the roof when I think of going to the happiest place on earth so I wanted it to be perfect-perfect whatever that means. I have so many memories as a child there and think I'll cry at least 4x before lunch time at the full circle moments I'll feel at every turn. Don't even get me started with the family picture in front of the castle, meeting princesses or god help me on "it's a small world" ride and hear that song. (fainting, screen fades to black)

giddy with excitement and i 100% know I'm more excited than the kids right now bc they have no idea the magic they're about to experience just hearing us talk about it. I love having kids for so many reasons and being able to see Disney World through their eyes all over again will be just too much for my little beating heart to handle.

Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love to watch their relationship! It really is special:)))

And "It's a Small World" will rock your world. I got so teary eyed when we went on it the first time. The song will stay in their heart forever!

Love you guys and hope you are having a blast making forever memories!!

Auntie M