Friday, July 02, 2010

ABC's & Time Out

Let's take a break from all those pictures for a little video of Lily Pie. Her 2 favorite songs are Wheels on the Bus and ABC's which she could sing all day long. I mean all day long. I know she'll look back on these videos and won't be able to believe how little she once was. I know we can't. Slow down clock, slow down.
can't see video? click here:Singing ABC's

If you look to the left of the foyer, you can see her beloved mouse in time out because he allegedly hit pig. It was big drama for her as she plays mommy to them. So funny how she's watching over mouse telling him he has two minutes (holding up 2 fingers) which really is 2 seconds. Also, it was crazy clothes day at school this particular day explaining her outfit where nothing matches, but I think mismatch is coming back in and Lily is bringing it. :)
can't see video? click here: Putting Mouse in Time Out

Happy 4th of July eve!!


Cibele said...

Oh wow, our babies are big girls now. I've got to make a video o Lyla singinh the ABC's , it just melts my heart. Lily, you are so cute and smart. What a great big sis you will going to be

Tisha said...

oh my word. mouse in time out is too precious! i love her little voice!

The Manrings said...

YAH for video. reminds me to get back to it and video samantha's little moments that are so cute and will so easily just go right by. why do they have to grow up so fast? love her little abc voice!! xo

Andrea said...

Precious!!!!! LOVE the mismatched clothes. Super cute!

Anna Ruth said...

I love a girl who can sing! She has such a sweet voice.

Gary and Christine said...

Aw Kelly, thanks for posting! Love the TIME OUT! She is too much!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

She is so cute : ) What fun videos! I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July that is filled with sparklers and sticky fingers : )

Mary said...

The alleged incident between mouse and pig is the funniest ever. LOVE these videos soooo much. Her cuteness is apparent in pictures, but when you put her little personality into it as well, it is (have I said this before) PRICELESS!! I love our Lily.

Anonymous said...

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