Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Special Surprise

Lily has some big news. Not only is she about to turn the big T-W-O, but she also has a big job ahead of her...

need a closer look?

That's right...we. are. pregnant. We are so excited we can't stand it. And we're officially out of the vulnerable first trimester (after LOTS of work, some tears, some fears and lots of cheers) so that is like the candles on top of birthday cake. (can u tell I have birthday on the brain) But, this pregnancy is so much different. I think more of the excitement is for Lily, as she will have a sibling. A. lifelong. friend. When we were trying for Lily, it was such a sense of desperation; more about David and I having a baby and becoming a true family, but this time it feels different; like it's all for Lily when I know it's so much more than that too.

To say she's excited is an understatement. She pokes my tummy regularly and says "mommy-baby" and thinks everyone has a baby in her tummy just for her. She thinks there's a baby for her in daddy's tummy. In her tummy. In Papa's tummy. She even poked the server, Rachel's belly at Applebee's saying "baby". We all turned red. Server-Rachel stuttered out something like "no, not yet, im married, but we don't have a baby yet" as she scurred off to the next table. I apologized explaining how she has baby on the brain quite a bit lately. I'm not sure who was more embarrassed. Of course, she doesn't know what all this really means, but it's neat to see an almost 2 year old process it all.

When asked to point to Lily on her shirt....

And she wants to hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler everyday. She'll point to the doppler and "baby-hotbeat-peez" and then make the "shhhhh" sign because she know she needs to be super quiet while listening to the galloping horses. Too bad she says "baby-hotbeat, baby-hotbeat" the whole time over and over so no one can hear anything, but she still gets uber giddy not knowing what she's listening to, but it's a fun game with a cool machine she can't usually touch.

Then she insists on cleaning up my gel covered belly, pulls my shirt down, waving while saying "night-night baby" like she's tucking him/her in. As she walks away, she'll tap her wrist for "wait" like she knows she needs to wait 6 more months to see her brother or sister. Oh and she requests a sister consistently and sometimes says "Katie" like she wants her very own Katie to come home from the hospital. We'll find out the gender around 20 weeks and then she'll know the name of the baby she can babble about. Again, totally cool to watch an almost 2 year process it all.

So yea, we're all pretty excited for our bundly of joy to arrive; hopefully right on our due date of 10-10. That was our due date when we did IVF#1 so it's ironic that with try #3, it's the same date! (gasp) There are no accidents. Maybe it's all one big coincidence, but it's more fun to think of it as a sign. Can you imagine having a bday of 10-10-10? Lily thinks that's pretty cool too.

life is good.


Jessica said...

You already know how INCREDIBLY excited I am for guys!!!! Lily is going to be one awesome big sister!!! Love ya!!!

Grandpa said...

Not only is this such a wonderful time for you and David . . . but having Lily’s so involved will ensure that she will be a very special sister . . . just like you and Molly and Jennifer are to each other. . . and those pictures of Lily . . . I would love to know what her eyes are seeing.

Love Ya!
Dad & Grandpa

DGMommy said...

1. I am so EXCITED for you and your family. Such a blessing!!

2. Lily is going to be the GREATEST big sister; so caring, gentle, sweet, and loving:)

3. I LOVE how inquisitive and interested she is in hearing the heartbeat and pointing to tummies; her very own baby doll:)

4. 10-10-10 Are u kidding me? I feel the soul of IVF #1 will be intertwined in this baby:) Too coincidental:)

5. Lily is so STINKIN' cute in her new shirt:) So PROUD!

6. Speaking of PROUD, so proud of you and your resolve to have children and go through all the up and downs of making it possible! You are quite the Mommy:)

LOVE to all!

Aunt Molly

Justine H said...

Yeah! I was thinking of you and knew you were around 12weeks and wondering when you were going to offically announce it. i am so excited for you, David and big lister Lily and I hope to be blessed with a sibling for Lola soon too!

Super super super, mega congrats again.
The Hark Family
Justine, Peter and Lola

Heidi said...

oh, what a sweet little post with those pics of lily in her big sis shirt. i think peyton had one like that!

i knew about baby #2 but i was so excited to read the news here in published print. crapola...peyton screaming at me from her bedroom to give her her 100th boosie night, so i gotta run...but, so happy and can't wait to meet the new little angel in your lives.

what an exciting time!!!! hope you get your BLACK mini...they rock for mama's of two!!


Anna Ruth said...

Chill bumps everywhere... I am so excited for you. Lily is going to make a great big sister.

MtnGirl said...

I've been following Lily's story since before she was born. I am so excited that she is going to be a BIG sister and another little person will get to have you and David as their parents. I cannot wait to read more about Lily and big sisterhood! Congratuations!

Tisha said...

I am soooo excited for you!!! When i read the first line i couldnt see the whole picture of Lily, but I was hoping that was her big job!

Congratulations!!!! She will be the best big sister!!!

Kelle said...

uuuughhh! I had a nice, big beautiful comment and it didn't go through!
Something along the lines of...

Second babies are doubly beautiful for not only are they a gift to you, they are an amazing gift for that older sibling. And, having watched with tears so many times these past nine week as Lainey has revealed a new part of her we didn't know, my heart is so full of joy for you for what lies in store for not only you and David (hello? strawberry jammy nights, anyone?), but for Lily too. Congratulations, my friend! Now...what can replace the lilypops this time? xoxo

Kate @ Ex Libris said...

I hardly ever comment, but I had to delurk after reading this. CONGRATS!!! (Kate from Kicking You From the Inside)

anna said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you! Were you doing IVF all along and didn't let on or did this happen spontaneously?! I'm not even sure that I'm allowed to ask that, but hey, you're my bloggie buddy who knows everything about me and my crazy family, so what the heck, huh?! Anyhow, the second pregnancy is so much easier! And being a veteran mom and experiencing this all over again is so lovely!!! I'm so happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Being married, having 1.5 children, a cat, a mortgage and soon to have a minivan...we're living the American Dream!! I have so much admiration for my girls (that would be Kelly and Lily...I'm not making any predictions on the gender...yet). My love cup is already full. To now add one more to the mix will surely make it overflow. It's not like I can go shopping at Walmart and pick up a new, larger, top of the line model. I've heard others say that your love cup can grow to accommodate the addition of a new family member and it must be true...it has to be true. I'm banking on it b/c there are no other alternatives. I'm proud of you Kell...you have been through a lot and gracefully accepted what life has thrown your way. I can't wait to meet #2 and raise our children together. 143


An Urban Story said...

Wow!! Are you trying to catch up to us? :-)

The Manrings said...

ohhhh for the love of sweet posts....CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lily and her big sister shirt....so adorable. she will make such a loving big sister. so much to be thankful for. congrats!! xo

Here I am said...

Wow! First happy birthday to Lilly (our girls are 4 days apart) and congratulations on your pregnancy! So happy for you guys. My second daughter, Shayna, was also born in October- 5 months ago. Like you I felt like I was doing it for Maya- a lifelong friend and now she has a sister that she just adores (they are 18 months apart). So happy for you. Enjoy your pregnancy and Lilly. Aren't you loving this age??!!

Anonymous said...

How do I put words to the joy that I feel that you are adding another loved child to your family. He/she doesn't know it yet, but they are lucky, lucky, lucky to be joining such a wonderful and loving family.

I know you're wondering how your heart can stretch for this new addition. All I can tell you is that your happiness will increase by leaps and bounds. This I can tell you from experience and Lily will be over the top with her big sistering. She is already such a loving child, and her happiness will increase tenfold as well.

I am so very happy.

jen said...

how in the world did i miss this??


so so SO excited for you guys. and lily ... you have no idea what's in store for you. some days good ... some days bad ... but it is so amazing and fun and beautiful to be the big sister. (and sometimes a little annoying when they copy EVERYTHING you do. remember ... it's because they love you. and look up to you.)

oh darling. enjoy. what beautiful news.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

delurking to say a huge CONGRATS!! that is such wonderful news for all of you!

(also, like jen, i'm not sure how i missed this announcement last week.)

Jennifer said...

Life is MORE than good!
Great news, Kelly.
I hope you are feeling well.
God Bless ~ Jen