Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Eyes

Mom, Molly and Grace came over for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Being that my mom is 100% Irish, it only seemed apprapo that she come over for one of the biggest parades ever! Lily was dressed from head to toe and green and loved wearing her green hat even though she looked like she was wearing a construction hard hat. The parade was much more fun this year because Lily was taking it all in and entertained by all the songs, sirens, candy throwing, and hooplah! Every time a band would walk by and be finished, she'd bat her hands together like mad and say "mo songs". I can't get enough of her.

She makes this face all the time now. The first time I saw it was when she saw her tricycle on Christmas morning from Santa. Since then it'll come out when something really fascinates her and always comes out when her baby doll cries. She'll stop in her tracks, make this face and run over to soothe her, patting her back, rocking her, giving milk or a nuk or giving her her pink blanket. Be still my heart.

I had my hair in 4 buns trying to lighten it with the sun which finally shone after a too long coldsnap and I looked like Princess Leia.

someone is skipping over the yellow brick road looking for the leprechaun...

the green clan...what a beautiful day it was - so fulfilling!

Wishing you lots of luck, love, 4-leaf clovers and rainbows on this fun-filled day from our little leprechaun :)

Life is Good.


Jennifer said...

love those pictures, love our family, and feel so lucky to be in it.

the wonder in her surprised face is TOO much.

wish we could have been there too...dang saturday sports!!

love you.

Cibele said...

what a fun gree clan... Lily, oh Lily, you are too cute for words... Love the oufit

Cibele said...

what a fun gree clan... Lily, oh Lily, you are too cute for words... Love the oufit

Tisha said...

what a cutie pie (maybe even a shepherds pie). ;-)

Heidi said...

how sweet that little face is with the hat on! love the green outfit and her looking for leprechauns.
i thought of you that morning...remembering lucky the leprechaun and the tapes your heroes were in awe of. i made jeff do the lucky thing with the kids that morning. fun times!


The Manrings said...

what cute pictures of your little st. patrick's day girl. her green outfit is adorable and i'm glad we got to say hi and see you at the parade. what a beautiful day for sure. love the post below with all her cute tights and leggins too. isnt it the best to watch them be so brave at the park?? hi from sammy to lily!

Kelle said...

Hands down..."oh" face pic is my favorite picture ever of Lily. Done deal.

Anna Ruth said...

Great family pictures! Lily looks so pretty in her green. The family picture is so sweet, everyone in green and looking at the camera.

Grandpa said...

What a sunny day it was . . . a huge crowd . . . a super parade . . . and seeing Lily and Grace so happy made for a real special day.

I feel blessed to be part of such a nice family.

Love Ya!

Dad & Grandpa

DGMommy said...

What a great, beautiful, and festive day!!! Go Green! Had a blast and so glad we came over for it. Jen wish you and your clan could have been there:)

Love to all!

Aunt Molly

Mary said...

Only thing missing was Jen and Jamie and the kids!!! It was the MOST fun!!! I was a happy lady! Love my family so much!