Saturday, October 31, 2009

Disney Anyone?

I don't know about you, but I suddenly have a hankering to go to Disney World. Maybe even see a parade there...I know just the helper...

On our way out the door, we had a major spill on the driveway leaving Minnie Mouse with a not so nice goose egg as a Halloween souvenier. There were tears from both of us and she wailed in pain, but after some time with the boo-boo bunny, she was up and running.


She only wanted Grandpa after her fall and that almost made me fall over from the cuteness.

My camera completely died (insert halloween panic attack with ghoulish screams and immediate call to Nikon for 3rd time in 6 months, gr!) right after these pictures so I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I wanted(I smell a reshoot), but I still got some cute ones of Minnie Mouse and made me crave one of those Minnie Mouse ice cream pops like this

that used to be my favorite until Mindy Alpert choked on an MickeyMouse ear in HS and got the heimlich from the AP and shot an ear across the cafeteria. Wow, where'd that memory come from? Well, I was scarred from that experience, but I think the wounds have healed over now with some help from Lily Grace.

Reliving the holidays through Lily's eyes is even more enjoyable when I experienced them as a child. She adds that spark of magic to everything just by being her.

And being here.

Life is good!


Anna Ruth said...

I love the Hallowee outfit. We are headed to Disney in April. Seeing Lily makes me even more excited.

DGMommy said...

ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous!!!!!! So stinkin' cute!!! Love the piggies!!!

Heidi said...

aw...her little noggin. she looked so cute in her costume!!!

she's ready to go to dw and peyton and i are going next weekend!!!! can't wait.

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

Flippin Hilarious about Mindy Alpert! I so remember that like it was yesterday! Wasn't it Dr. Sello the Asst. Principal? OH MY LANTA!!! She is adorable and I look forward to the day that you come visit Mickey himself!

Kelle said...

i love that first picture of her pointing. and every minnie should have a set of pig tails like that. i'm just sayin'.

Mary said...

I can't believe that the comment I left a week ago didn't register!!! However, the cuteness is out of control!!! She is just so absolutely adorable!!! Love her so much!

Rayna said...

Um...She should be the lead float and riding up high waving to everyone with those little piggie tails. I love them, and her Halloween costume was adorable.

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