Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

They say who you marry determines 90% of your happiness or misery in life and I couldn't agree more. I don't think I realized how true this statement was when I walked down the aisle 8 years ago,


and look, we haven't aged a bit...ha! (nose growing profusely)

but after the ups and downs life has thrown at us, I thank God everyday that we're on the same team to enjoy this wild ride. He is incredibly loyal, kind, makes me laugh everyday, is my rock and soft place to fall, my friend, and always puts "his girls" first. For that I am humbled, thankful and will never forget 11 years ago when my sister Molly said to me "you've got to meet this guy David; you 2 would be a great couple". Thanks Molly for going through what you had to go through to be the matchmaker. ;)

Then Molly met her own little cutie and was married 1 year 1 day later than us so we went to celebrate our anniversaries together for the best mexican I've ever eaten (guacamole was made from scratch tableside as in they cut the avocados right in front of us-gasp) Photobucket

then David and I headed to see the funniest comedian on this planet Jerry Seinfeld. Photobucket
If he's ever in a 400 mile radius of you, go to see him! You'll be glad you did (& so will your abs).

And from this little marriage 8 years ago came the cutest little person we were so very blessed to call ours and who reminds us that even when the daily grind can, well grind away, she always shows us how to ...

for that I am forever grateful and content in this imperfect, but perfect love we call ours.

Happy Anniversary David! Thank you for being the reason for 90% of the happiness in my life.


Heidi said...

what a sweet post kelly. with the song and the post i am in tears.

happy anniversary to you and david. you two are so perfect together...so supportive and loving.

lily smelling the roses is such a cute picture.

melting pot or nemos? LOL

happy 8 years!

Jennifer said...

I love the two of you together...

as a couple

as friends

as parents

as a family.

You guys do it right, and you inspire me.

Happy Anniversary, I love you both so much!!

PS...Kel, I'm SO happy you didn't F it up. LOL

wylie said...

awww, chills and a little tear Kelly! That picture of Lils and the roses is A-MAZING!

Mary said...

The fact that you two chose each other is one of the best choices either of you could have made. You are so good together and I love David like a son.

And then we have Lily, the most beautiful complement to this relationship.

I love you all so much.

The pic of the smelling of the roses is priceless!!!! The contrast of B&W and color - PLEASE!!!!

Love, Mom

Kelle said...

That song always gets me...

Happy Anniversary! ...and how far you both have come in all these years. That pic of Lil is precious.

dig this chick said...

Happy Anniversary! And, really, you both don't look older than you did eight years ago, so, well done.

Anonymous said...

If who you marry determines 90% of your happiness in life and assuming a margin of error of +/-10%, I am 110% happy in life!! It’s amazing to look back over the past decade (what the?) and think about all of our accomplishments, both individually and as a team in our marriage. While life brings its ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade a second and can’t imagine life any differently than what it is with “my girls”. Thank you for being who you are…real, loving, caring and supportive. Happy Anniversary!

Your Baby’s Daaaaaaady (high pitched voice)

Grandpa said...

Happy Anniversary Kelly . . . ‘whoever said the Comments had to be current’ . . . you and David make such a nice couple . . . Mary and I have the best daughters . . . and the best son-in-laws . . . life is good!