Sunday, October 11, 2009

September Milestones

I've been working on the monumental task of moving all of our home videos onto a DVD so we can watch them on the actual tv instead of us all huddled around the computer to see Lily growing up right before our eyes. When I was growing up, my family had regular family movie nights where we gathered in the living room, sleeping bags rolled out, popcorn flowing everywhere, filmstrip reel rolling like the olden days onto a full-on pop up screen that even a stand. There was no sound on our videos, but we all watched in excitement like there were imaginary subtitles. Our old video camera also had a large bright light so everyone was squinting anytime they came close to looking directly into the camera. ha It was such a fond memory growing up and I was determined to have the same memories for Lily. Because I was young everything seemed to be a larger than life production.

You would probably cry with me if you knew all the technical difficulties I have had in the process, but after many weeks of hurdles, I finally got all of her videos up to date all on DVD and we can have our own family movie nights where we stare in amazement at how far she's come. Lily watches herself , points and says "baby" over and over, but I don't think she's made the connection that it's actually her trying to roll over from tummy to back. So cute!!

Her milestones this month seem like it's in honor of her daddy because they're so many of them so I guess I'm chop liver this month. ha
I always marvel at how much I/we love Lily and every little thing she does but as she gets older, I'm overtaken with humble pride about how much she loves us. She shows it more and more everyday as she grows and I just stare in amazement how she gives back all of the time showing us her heart more and more, like her kisses where she actually grabs our cheeks and pulls us close for a smooch. I feel like melting each and everytime! Have I mentioned I love her heart? mmmm



Life is Good! :)


dig this chick said...

Wow. Congrats on getting all your videos on dvd! No small feat. Margot and I looked at my birth pictures today...the first time she's ever seen them. And she was all 'uh oh baby' when her head is hanging out and I am in pain but then as she saw the evolution and then me holding her she got that that baby is her. She was fascinated. That she was in my belly was a cool moment. I can't wait until Lily has that moment with you watching her videos. It's a big concept for those little kids but amazing how they come to their own conclusions.

Anna Ruth said...

I haven't even thought about doing this, putting all the videos together. What a great idea. Baylee is into saying "when I was a baby did I do this?" She is only three, and she acts like she was a baby so LONG ago. The memory keepsakes you are making for Lily will be well worth it.

Kelle said...

We finally got a Flip video, so I've been going back and forth doing regular video that puts it right on disc and Flip where i love the little snippits to throw in slideshows and such. Needless to say...there is never too many videos of our lovies. And happy you actually watch them and appreciate them. So many people make them but never go back and look at them! Love the pic of Lily and Grandpa shaking hands.

jen said...

about a year ago i remember you commenting on my blog about cora using the potty ... and you couldn't believe her age ... i'm taking a pretty good guess on dates ... but i don't think you should have been so surprised ... look at lily!
and wow. dvd. you. are. amazing.

Mary said...

Ah, yes! The important milestones! I can't believe the many advances she is making. She is one happy little girl who happens to have fabulous, fantastic parents. So proud!

Grandpa said...

I always enjoy the times when David’s parents come to visit . . . the way they think about David and Duane is how we think of you and your sisters . . . our children are the most important part of our lives . . . and with Lily . . . she knows you and David feel the same.