Friday, December 21, 2007

Houston, We Have a Belly!!

I love it. I rub it. I hold it. I stare at it. I feel like I'm watching and waiting for water to boil. The more you look at it, the longer it takes. I feel like it's growing ever so slightly, but it's growing so that's all that matters. Last measurement was 39" around! WOAH!! It was 37" a few weeks ago!! I feel like I measure the circumference 5x a day!! I can get 5 different readings in one day! I take the highest number of the day and keep that in my head all day!!

Man, I wear these shorts a lot!!

If you look closely, the shirt that I always wear is starting to ride up and not fit around my belly! I love it!!

So the doc said everything looks great!! He said the pain in my pelvic/groin area is caused by 2 pubic bones rubbing together and the pain will get worse as I get bigger, but is not dangerous to the baby. He said it's very early to be having these pains and he kept telling me how painful it can become. I ignored him and just kept saying "but, it's not dangerous to the baby right?" which all that really matters. Pain sch-main!! As long as Baby H is happy and healthy in there is all that matters!

Heartbeat was 143 again which is the baby's way of saying "I love you" to us!! :) He checked out my belly button again and dug like a miner digging for gold (ouchie) and said it looked much better than last time. He's not worried about it much anymore bc it's so big, but I should get the hernia taken care of after I deliver. It still looks disgusting in my opinion. Needless to say, I will NOT be posting pictures of that!!

Baby is moving and grooving more everyday and it's just incredible. It leads to powerful day dreams. Not dreams at night that I can't remember in the morning. But real live dreams during the day. Then I realize I'm not dreaming. I'm pregnant. A miracle is happening. Baby is healthy. Baby is snuggling up with me. Baby is ours. Thank God in heaven we are pregnant. And we get to taste a piece of that heaven in 103 days. This isn't a dream. We're living the miracle everyday.


Kelle said...

Oh my Gosh! That belly is so beautiful! I imagine your little baby inside ther and it makes my eyes well up! I LOVE's so incredibly beautiful.

cjs said...

I cry every time I visit your blog!

I had those same pains...they were the worst when I was pregnant with Savannah.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, you look beautiful. Love the baby belly!!! I'm sorry you're having pain but thankful the baby's a-ok! I'm sure this will be your merriest Christmas ever - well until next year that is! Love ya Donna

Gretta said...

Merry Christmas and congrats on making it to the double digits for remaining days.
Miss you guys.

A Marie H said...

Merry Christmas to Baby H & family:>)



Kulio said...

Kelle's cousin look fantastic and you most DEFINITELY look pregnant! How fun! Enjoy every minute :-)