Friday, December 28, 2007

26 Weeks!!

Hey Everyone!
Has anyone peeked at how many days until Baby H is here?? Hello!?? It's in the DOUBLE DIGITS!!! 96 DAYS!! 9-6!! Wow!! This is too exciting!! Holidays have been busy with family in town and not working which is glorious! Days fly by now and David has these 2 weeks off too so it's been really nice!! Not much new on the baby front which is great news! I feel movement everyday which is incredible! I feel like someone is with me everyday!

The holidays were the best they've been in years knowing there was a little peanut swimming around in my belly. Every Christmas has always stung knowing we weren't pregnant and I just kept thinking that this'll be the last Christmas we'll be "child-less". It was such a comforting feeling as we watched our nieces and nephews make Christmas come alive with their energy, innocence, and excitement!! It just kept hitting home that we'll have a 9 month old to celebrate with next year!! WOW!!!

I have a glucose intolerance test on Wednesday which will tell me if I have gestational diabetes, which is common in the 3rd trimester. It's easy to fix with diet though so I'm not super worried about it. Next u/s is on 1/23 and I can't wait to see our baby again! We've been so spoiled with the TWELVE ultrasounds we've had so far that they've slowed down now to the norm. A friend of mine had ONE u/s her entire pg-cy! WHAT?!?! ONE! I don't know how that's possible! lol.

BOTH of David's parents are coming down from SC in February!! First we thought it was just going to be David's mom, but they recently told us they're BOTH coming down!!! SO HAPPY!! My family will all be here too and we'll tell them the gender of our baby then! I can't wait! It's been really tough keeping it from them; especially my family was all here for the holidays! We had the nursery door locked, duct taped the door knob, and a huge banner sign from the baby telling them to kindly keep out! We use "he" & "she" interchangeably so there's not a way to "slip up". Baby H even had lots of presents under the tree from family, friends and even some from mommy and daddy. I'm ready to tell the world! I never realized how hard it would be, but keep telling myself, "it'll all be worth it" to tell them together in person. I think it will be.

Jen found this song for us and we listened to it with Molly and all had a really good cry over! The entire song is powerful, but pay close attention to the last part towards the end. I was a blubbering mess! Shoulders shaking and all. The whole "ugly cry" ....enjoy!

Turn up your speakers!!

Wanna read up on Baby H??

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