Wednesday, December 05, 2007

23 WEEKS TODAY!  Every week is like a Christmas present!!  I love learning about our little peanut and seeing pictures!!  I can feel him/her moving a lot more lately and even some kicks here and there!!  I constantly have my hand on my tummy trying to feel a kick or a jab and get lost in daydreaming while it's happening!  David has yet to be lucky to feel it too, but it'll happen soon enough!  I'm feeling a lot better lately and my appetite is back to relatively  normal.  Trying to eat as healthy as possible!!  My next appt is on 12/28!!!  That's like years from now!  I'll be on Christmas break so that's nice I won't have to miss work.  Our next appt is just to see the doctor and not even for an ultrasound!  UGH!  I got so spoiled with our u/s every other week so I guess I should be happy that they're treating me like a normal pg person!  There's nothing normal about me!  lol. 

Btw, the entire nursery is painted and we're looking for wall hangings now.  Our bedding is arriving TOMORROW!  That sets the tone for the rest of the room so it's been a blast!!  David put the dresser together, but it took him 6 long brutal hours!  Crib is this weekend!!!  This truly is a dream come true!!  "That room" used to be so painful to look at from afar or even to go into bc it stung knowing it should be the nursery!!  Now it is such a happy room and ready to be filled with so many life changing memories!  119 more days!!!  We're almost in double digits folks!!!!!!!!!  Love you all!!

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Belly Laughs said...

Congrats on 23 weeks! It is so amazing to feel movements!! Enjoy!

dig this chick said...

Congrats. Your hubby will feel movement soon. i am due next Thurs and it feel like a small truck is plowing through my midsection. The movement is amazing, eh?