Wednesday, December 19, 2007

25 Weeks!

Um, I dont know if you know this, but 25 weeks is here! What in the world? This has been the longest 25 weeks of my life, but every week it amazes me even more. Just the changes in my body, changes in the baby's movement, but mostly the changes in my heart. I can feel the walls of fear lowering and the bond strengthening each and every day. I truly can not imagine the feeling of love that will pour over D and I when our peanut is here bc it's overwhelming right now with him/her gently swimming around inside my growing belly. I love having him/her with me all day, everyday. It's a bond like no other. I feel like my heart is not my own anymore. Jen always says having a baby is like taking your heart out of body and giving it arms and legs. I can see that with more clarity right now. Right now, our little peanut is in my heart safe and sound growing and thriving. It's a miracle to experience each and every day!! How did we get so lucky!?
We have a dr. appt on Friday. I moved it up a week bc I'm having some mild pain in my groin area that I want him to check out. (keyword: mild, meaning don't worry all u nervous nellies out there and u know who u are) I'm sure it's nothing, but it feels better to have him say it rather than me. I'll post after that appt. with a 25 week belly picture. I can't see much growth, but everyone at school does when I wear certain clothes. Someone said the other day, "you don't even look pregnant" and I wanted to put them in a headlock while body slamming them. ha ha
D and I are having family over for Christmas so we have to "gender proof" the house this weekend. Hide every paint brush, every fabric sample, every picture taken and quarentine off the nursery!! We're pretty much finished with the nursery, which is super fun to think about having that behind us, but also sad bc it's so much fun to work on projects directly related to the nursery. Like a labor of love. We are both in there a lot just to tinker when there's not much left to do. Is it too early to be nesting? I think not.
Look at our little snuggle bug!!

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