Friday, May 04, 2007

Clean Bill of Health!

Maxson finally called me back and they said my blood levels and u/s were perfect and normal!! When I asked her about the # of follicles, she stated that they are called "antral follicles" and what they want to see at this stage in the game! Well, that's a how do you do!?!? Why didnt someone just come out and tell me that instead of letting me be down in the dumps and let me catastrophize for 24 hours!!?? I guess that's the downfall of not having my u/s done in Margate and having them done in Naples by people who don't specialize in IVF. But, I did save 4 hours of drive time for 24 hours of worrying so I guess it's an ok trade-off! Needless to say, I was happy with their good and normal report and we keep moving forward from here.

There are a few more hurdles to jump before going through IVF like the HSG next week and I must ovulate on my own. Once I ovulate (which I'll know by using an ovulation predictor kit), then they'll give me the projected dates for stimulation. (i'm in suppression stage now) Both things are out of my hands so say a prayer for us :)

I had another session of acupuncture and it was GREAT!! I felt like she gave me drugs bc she left me alone for 30 minutes with the needles in me and I was ZONKED out like a baby! I was on my back with 10-15 needles in me and I passed out! I swear there are drugs in those needles! ha ha If I ran in a marathon, swam 50 miles, biked 100 miles, didnt sleep for 72 hours and then you asked me to fall asleep on my back, I absolutely, positively could NOT do it! But, you put needles in me while I'm laying on my back and I pass out like a baby! It was bizarre! She also did something called "moxy" where she lit a cigar-like incense tube and placed it close to my stomach until I said, "hot" and then she pressed down on my skin to trap in the heat. Sounds crazy, but she said this has been around longer than acupuncture which has been around for 2,000 years! Then she left me alone for 30 minutes and that's when I zonked out! It was strange!! I swear I was shot with a

tranqulizer gun!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly...sounds like everything is working out great. I've always wanted to try acupuncture but I was a bit afraid, but from reading your blog it doesn't seem to be so bad. I'm so happy to read that all is going well. I don't comment all the time, but I read your blog all the time. =) I just know that God is going to bless you and David greatly. I admire you guys so much. You are truly an inspiration.