Thursday, May 10, 2007


This is from my mom in an email to the family...I'm too tired to retype....I'm exhausted, feeling crampy, but sleeping lots and glad it's over! Painkillers are my friend right now! David and I are going to an amazing hotel on the east coast for an impromptu vaca so the R&R will begin like never before! Such perfect timing!! Thanks for caring and loving us so intensely!!

From Mom to Fam:
David just called and the surgery is over. The blotches on the view of the uterus turned out to be mucous the he scraped out and may have disappeared on its own, but it is good that it was all cleaned out. She is fine and there is nothing to worry about. These blotches could have been polyps or other things, so the presence of some mere mucous was the very best scenario. All of this has been sent over to Dr. Maxson, who will make the determination, but it appears that they will have to wait for probably 1 cycle before beginning IVF - still be able to probably get the process begun soon so they have summer to work with.

So, we once again all breathe a collective "whew"!

Love you all! On they go in their journey to meet Baby Hutcheson, with their incredible supporting cast of characters close behind.

I havent heard from Maxson since the surgery, but I'm guessing we'll only have to wait 1 cycle and then start IVF!! Great news bc we'll be in the heart of summer and I can take endless trips to Margate without any stress of getting back at any specific time. Leaves lots of room for lunches, shopping, and galavanting on the east coast!!! Also, my good friend from college will be going through IVF at the same time! Although she lives in another state we can be a source of support and comfort for each other!!

I saw pictures of my uterus before and after the surgery and it looks BEAUTIFUL! It was like it had a makeover!! Actual photos like you'd see at Sears Portrait Studios!!! We wouldnt've gotten pg if we did get rid of it bc the wall of the uterus was blocked with this junk. I thought it'd be too weird to post my pix of my uterus; I dont want to sound cocky, but I was very impressed with my uterus if I do say so myself!! ha ha

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Jessica said...

What great news Kelly!!! So glad everything went good and you are on your way (soon!) to becoming a mommy!! :)