Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cool Genes

Grady's preschool picture...can you handle this?

 photo IMG_4013_zps6c7aeaa9.jpg

Tinkerbell meets the blow up pumpkin Courtney made me get and I love so much!!

 photo IMG_4020_zps0213b8eb.jpg

Somehow this wood shelf was in grady's crib one morning...
 photo IMG_4019_zps15fd0572.jpg

i can't handle pictures or moments like this

 photo IMG_3685_zpse291e3be.jpg


 photo IMG_3782_zps3df02fdf.jpg

Look at the similarities of Grady and David's dad as a child (date is wrong i believe)
 photo IMG_3571_zpsbeb471dd.jpg

more similarities...woah

l photo IMG_3541_zpsc19dc17f.jpg

Lily gets home from school and right to her HW...

 photo IMG_3970_zps545abe75.jpg

Our kids love our Ipad..and roller skates

 photo IMG_3974_zps854066e7.jpg

Lily posing at our front gate... photo IMG_3931_zpse870e516.jpg

dont let my dad see me with this snake...he hates snakes with passion photo IMG_3927_zps97647b6e.jpg

life is good