Sunday, May 04, 2014

Zoo Love

Look at this sweet zoo loving face.. photo IMG_3906_zps79edba12.jpg

and with his buddy Dylan... photo IMG_3834_zps59f1a05a.jpg

representing the T25'rs out there... photo IMG_3808_zps49eb670c.jpg

napping on the floor in her jammies (and friends) for whatever reason photo IMG_3807_zps7a3e3a74.jpg

Disney on Ice was so much fun!

 photo IMG_3657_zps76e596bb.jpg

Lily the Scientist at school photo IMG_3605_zpsc0d8ddfe.jpg

Reading machine... photo IMG_3589_zps11686ff5.jpg

We love the zoo... photo IMG_3462_zps9e5b6d30.jpg

 photo IMG_3462_zps9e5b6d30.jpg

Face painting is amazing there photo IMG_3449_zpsabe302c0.jpg

napping fool

 photo IMG_3372_zps91810a67.jpg

life is good.