Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stuffed Animals and naps

Whenever we have movie night, it turns into a whole entourage has to join us.  Lily is OBSESSED with her stuffed animals and treats each one like part of her family.  Whenever we are at a store and has money in her pocket to burn, she goes straight to the stuffed animals, big and small so they can join her in any event possible. photo IMG_2857_zpsfb7941f2.jpg

nap time by the pool photo IMG_2964_zps9ab26739.jpg

first day of preschool.  yummmy this boy! photo IMG_3068_zps814d65d6.jpg

post shower coldness photo IMG_3359_zpsa77c5ac6.jpg

this girl will nap wherever her head falls. photo IMG_3372_zps91810a67.jpg

Love this picture of Lily and Julie more than words can say!! photo IMG_3385_zps8a189ee9.jpg

life is good.