Sunday, March 09, 2014

picnics, zoo and books

Picnic at our favorite park… photo IMG_1282_zpsb9a643cb.jpg

zoo fun…we go there so regularly that we could work there. photo IMG_1243_zps9f350f71.jpg

they read so many books they could own a library. photo IMG_1230_zps722b4152.jpg
and play on so many playgrounds, they could build their own photo IMG_1209_zps4586be05.jpg

one of my all time favorite un-posed pictures in my life!  I walked in and saw this and almost fainted and ran to get David so we could awwwww together. photo IMG_1193_zps9287468c.jpg

they know how to push each other's buttons like no other, but they also know how to love like no other. photo IMG_1082_zpsc42ac674.jpg

this girl still needs a lot of sleep.   photo IMG_1064_zpsb3917db6.jpg
fun bday party time photo IMG_1062_zps869810c3.jpg
she loves her rainbow bear from aunt jeffer photo IMG_1060_zps4b2d1c45.jpg

and her ella bean photo IMG_1056_zps1b4d5884.jpg
i must-ash you a question photo IMG_1054_zpsdccc229a.jpg
post haircut…had to take off his shirt to shake off all the extra hair and snapped this cute picture  photo IMG_1026_zpscb7f9348.jpg

trying to get warmed up for kinder photo IMG_1017_zps5863d8cf.jpg

told ya!  she loves her sleep. photo IMG_1004_zps55ee7cf9.jpg

another keeper. photo IMG_1187_zps47e13d7d.jpg
Grandma made this awesome cake for lillers photo IMG_1345_zpsbc4a7cc2.jpg

life is good.