Sunday, March 02, 2014


I feel very overcome a lot.  Im overcome with stress with all the responsibilities on my plate and trying to find the balance in it all. I'm overcome with everyone calling my name at once needing a tissue, hug, ssippy cup, time out or a blanket.  I'm overcome with all the chores needed to be done everyday only to wake up and have them needing to be done all over again.  But, then just now I went to check on both kids and kneeled next to their beds and said a prayer out loud to protect them and for me to be used as a vehicle to teach them about love, kindness and God.  In those moments i am overcome with love, gratitude and appreciation that I have been trusted enough to raise and love these miracle souls from God.  Then I see my girl in Kindergarten and I feel it all over again. photo IMG_1021_zpsecc34f7b.jpg

Bowling fun… photo IMG_1502_zps4d420f77.jpg

Grady hasn't had short hair in awhile, but it makes him look so little photo IMG_1454_zps29ba1862.jpg

all healthy hutchies and that makes me feel overcome with thanks!
 photo IMG_1451_zpsb59d908e.jpg

How cute is this shirt?  and this boy. photo IMG_1384_zps110fb19f.jpg

Lily and her super friend Ella… photo IMG_1365_zps1a6e6e40.jpg

VPK graduation photo IMG_1364_zps4849997f.jpg
all her buds… photo IMG_1354_zpse09f8350.jpg
 photo IMG_1351_zpsb420b031.jpg

wow, what a cute picture in the archives…. photo IMG_1322_zps631e42b2.jpg

moments like this outside my window make me feel overcome with love. photo IMG_1294_zpse5c38a93.jpg

When you are overcome, remember you are doing enough, focus on the positive and fill your heart with gratitude for all of your blessings and they will come back 10 fold and make you feel overcome even more!

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