Sunday, March 23, 2014

picnics, swimming, fishing and dance

dancing on the greens photo IMG_1604_zps39ac3e05.jpg

picnics too photo IMG_1595_zps66bdb775.jpg

she had her spine checked and all was great !! photo IMG_1585_zps98547497.jpg
play time photo IMG_1580_zps072a8761.jpg

ready.  1.2.3… photo IMG_1551_zps55cd090a.jpg
posers photo IMG_1544_zps1af162ae.jpg

holding and jumping photo IMG_1578_zps63496d89.jpg

are you kidding me with these pictures? photo IMG_1677_zps43c16b80.jpg
be still my heart

 photo IMG_1562_zps27aa7d14.jpg

swimming fun with aunt jeffer photo IMG_1537_zps94eedee0.jpg

katie was a dance star!! photo IMG_1532_zpsf7b39b1d.jpg

our girls look up to her like she is a princess photo IMG_1525_zpsb8ec3c0b.jpg

night night photo IMG_1520_zps99352b9f.jpg
salon time photo IMG_1517_zps80bdaa37.jpg

bye daddy, have a good day at work photo IMG_1912_zpse20ec0ad.jpg

life is good.