Monday, November 25, 2013

oh the memories

Love when Dan is around because he always takes the difficult shots.

 photo IMG_1990_zps404cbd49.jpg
 photo IMG_1989_zps1c5aad0d.jpg

someone was having a tantrum about not getting muffins (he's borderline addicted)  we passed in the store and need a breather. aka time out.
 photo IMG_1962_zps2bd90869.jpg

dance party mid walk...they always stop at this same random cement slab for a jam session. always.
 photo IMG_1901_zps31a844d7.jpg

 photo IMG_1790_zps677c6d17.jpg

and he always reaches for my the parking lot and doesn't like to ever let go.

 photo IMG_1752_zpsbfe3e0b5.jpg

one of my favorite pictures of them...behind shots are addicting like muffins.
 photo IMG_1690_zps69c2ab19.jpg

picture speaks for itself.
 photo IMG_1666_zps76e50c66.jpg

she thought the drawing on her lobe was the piercing part and told me "aw, that wasn't so bad" before they did the real deal.  the response was not the same then.
 photo IMG_1612_zps0f809a05.jpg

jen's photo assistant.
 photo IMG_1516_zps1ddb7cd4.jpg

couponing gone wild.
 photo IMG_1961_zps50aefc7b.jpg

life is good.

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