Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lily Turns 5

Ok so maybe she turned 5 in April, but it'll be timeless when we look back on the blog and the blog book.  We wrote a thank you letter to God and sent him a care package to thank Him for making her.  she said "mommy, we can't forget Jesus too".  I had kind of forgotten about it, but when Grady turned 3, she gently reminded me we needed to make another one to thank god (and Jesus) for making Grady.  I love listening to the mouth of babes. photo IMG_1412_zps77548c8a.jpg
Thanks Jackie for the awesome shirt! photo IMG_1420_zps2e67165c.jpg

she had 3 parties...1 at school, 1 with the family and 1 with friends...that's a lucky girl! photo IMG_1426_zpsf766ecc0.jpg

love the crooked "y" photo IMG_1424_zps437bc786.jpg
She's obsessed with her legs covered at all times....she wears leggings to bed.  this girl is unique and quirky and i love it. photo IMG_1418_zpsc1bdb45b.jpg

bunny lovin'
 photo IMG_1416_zps839b6f1e.jpg
birthday eve... photo IMG_1413_zps5b6744b7.jpg

posing... photo IMG_1411_zpsd211db5e.jpg

Grandma made her bunny cake like she used to for us and i love these series of pictures together.
 photo IMG_1364_zps454b387f.jpg

 photo _JBP0667_zps4e10f337.jpg  photo _JBP0677_zps5d49d133.jpg  photo _JBP0679_zps48182984.jpg  photo _JBP0655_zps64f69668.jpg

Happy Birthday lily!  We love you to the bunny moon and back.

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