Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Random fun...

Moments like this take my breath away (and I try to recall this in my memory when someone is screaming in my ear) photo IMG_0523_zps8a33d0d7.jpg

Jammie day at school...with Hello Kitty as her sidekick....
 photo IMG_0477_zpsaa4c65c7.jpg
and Grandpa lets Lily do whatever she wants too...(in sweetest way possible)
 photo IMG_0448_zps123676ef.jpg

horsey time. photo IMG_0446_zpsbb0f66d7.jpg
these 2 crack me up...
 photo IMG_0420_zps7f01ab63.jpg

 photo IMG_0220_zpsa5d526ef.jpg

Lily talks about Elliot on a regular basis and wears glasses in his honor... photo IMG_0395_zps85f49cd3.jpg

she can't wait for soccer to start again the fall...Grady is envious too. photo IMG_0370_zps7b21ea02.jpg

this is the wallpaper on my phone.  be still my heart.
 photo IMG_0251_zps4399db28.jpg

she has soccer in her veins ...  photo IMG_0245_zps58725c60.jpg oh i love me some Julie Booley!!
 photo IMG_0293_zps2d205765.jpg

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