Wednesday, April 17, 2013

easter 2013

Easter seemed to come and go in a flash!  lily's birthday is always around (or on) Easter so it's a total whirlwind celebrating both at once in the same week or so time span.  Grady is a Santa crier and said "all done easter bunny" about 45 times every time we're at the mall.  The mall is about 7 minutes from our house so we're there a lot, which lead to the 45 rejections for the poor bunny.  But one day he saw Lily go up and give him a high five and hug and i could see he was intrigued.  He gave an air high five which means he was 100 feet away and they gave each other a virtual high five.  I gave up on the idea this year and hoped for next year a lap picture.  Buuuut, after a bunch of the trips to the mall, building up from high fives to hugs and walking by with lots of waving, circling back and forth, he finally said he wanted to take a picture with the Easter bunny.  I thought he'd back out last minute, but I was wrong.  Even the ladies who worked with the bunny were shocked because they saw the progression.  I seriously can't tell you how far he came in just a few weeks to get to this point!! Without further ado, tah-dah!!!...(u can tell i had no intentions of Bunny pics bc of their non springy attire but i had to strike while the iron was hot) photo IMG_1012_zps878ddf5c.jpg

The Bunny visited lily's school, but lily kept whispering to me that he wasn't real because he could see his hands.

 photo IMG_1094_zps926360bd.jpg

An Easter show at school where she sang her heart out! She was pretty nervous beforehand so we were holding our breath hoping she wouldn't back out last minute or be a puddle of tears.  Wrong again!

 photo IMG_1029_zps3a0c9f05.jpg

Her cheering section...
 photo IMG_1017_zpsd30c6032.jpg
I couldn't love this dress more if i tried - mom got it for her birthday from Etsy from the idea from Maribeth and wow, is it perty!  Thanks mom!!!
 photo IMG_1014_zps3eede507.jpg

G didn't warm up to this bunny nearly as much at the egg hunt.
 photo IMG_1331_zps3df0b726.jpg

an attempt at a family pic at the egg hunt.
 photo _JBP0392_zps846a783b.jpg

and a time out in  the middle of the egg hunt....

I have 30 pictures like this where she puts her arm around him as their walking trying to guide him in the right direction and he usually says "all done back lily" but she keeps on trying.  She always wants to hold his hand too and she usually hears "all done hold hand lily".  Can you tell he says "all done" a lot.  it's his modern day version of "no" which we're hearing plenty of lately. photo IMG_1327_zps126694be.jpg

Lily went to the mall with Jen for a special birthday surprise at Build a Bear and LOOK who she got to ride in the elevator with out of the blue!!
 photo IMG_1321_zpsf90c1257.jpg

on the hunt... literally.  Egg hunting is serious business...

 photo _JBP0485_zps84bc9116.jpg

as you saw from a previous post, G didnt want any pictures on Easter (or any other day) so this was the best we got that day.
 photo _JBP0489_zps2d112338.jpg

how cute (and old) is Douglas??? (d's foot photo bombing) photo _JBP0493_zps041e12a5.jpg

Gpa the assistant... photo _JBP0507_zps7b0df8f8.jpg

too funny not to post these pix again...

 photo _JBP0571_zpsbf2de4c0.jpg photo _JBP0562_zpse50531f2.jpg  photo _JBP0563_zpsc20e8876.jpg

this is the best cousin picture we got that day - maybe next year G... photo _JBP0597_zpsfba2da92.jpg

These 2 are as sweet as they look....
 photo _JBP0603_zps20777259.jpg

omg i can't buy enough frames for all these pictures!
 photo _JBP0624_zps4a954b29.jpg

 photo _JBP0625_zps2e3b8570.jpg

i love these girls so much!!  role models galore for lily!
 photo _JBP0630_zps5ed8cc02.jpg

 photo _JBP0630_zps5ed8cc02.jpg
sorry i can't stop.
 photo _JBP0646_zps61699b8f.jpg

caught in the egg hunt act... photo DSC_0114_zpsfab79d76.jpg

Can't say enough happy, loving, heart bursting words about this picture and these people.  I love them all individually for a million different reasons and then as a group it's a bundle deal of amazingness!  WE ARE SO BLESSED!!  I wanna sky write it in the air.   photo easter2013group_zps1f29906e.jpg Life is good!

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