Monday, March 25, 2013

opposites attract

He's trying hard to ride the scooter, but still not as fluid as he'd like to be.

so he asks for some help from his favorite person on earth.
and away they go....
I think Grady wants to be like lily because he kept pulling up his socks.

but lily wanted her individuality and pushed hers down.

I love seeing these two together where my 2 hearts merge into one big pile of mush.  I can't tell how is a bigger fan of who.  Sometimes she follows him around the house and vice versa.  I try SO HARD to stay out of their conflicts telling them they need to work it out as a team and I'm not the referee hoping that'll bring them closer as they work to find the win win.

they are so opposite, but so the same.  Lily has a shy, soft side with a tender and loyal heart
Grady is the family comedian who loves people, loves to laugh and pretty much party around the clock.
the 2 of them complement each other where Lily helps to calm Grady down while Grady helps to loosen Lily up a little and let her hair down for the party.

I've always heard people tell me about how opposite their kids are, but I always thought it was a slight exaggeration.  Not anymore.
These 2 are like 2 peas in a pod.  He's the ying to her yang....the clouds to her rain and it's a so neat to watch develop right before my eyes.  They get along most of the time and i know that wont last forever so im holding onto it for dear life.
Life is good. (Hi Lurking Lynda Z...hope you liked the post. teehee :)

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